Trading antiques

edited November 2022 in VFK Trading Post
my wants: (most important to least important)
Half moon hat - antique
Ghost dancer shirt - girls
Christmas tree fx
12 halloween 2020 pumpkin pin
these party favor items:

Screen Shot 2019-07-26 at 4.07.59 PM 

The antiques im trading:
boys green ghost hooded shirt 
spooferific hair- teal- girls 
wizard robe- girls 
floating pumpkin head pin
headless horseman pin
candy corn lava lamp
skeleton in stocks
wizard's alchemist rug- round
wizard's alchemist rug
wizardly stack of books - triple
wizard hooded shirt - boys
creeptastic rug
creeptastic rug- round
halloween night hair- pink- girls
halloween night hair- strawberry blonde- girls
2x floating pumpkin- purple
2x mysterious rug- round
2x mysterious rug
coat rack
2x record- halloween- afraid of the dark
2x haunted candelabra- tall
haunted candelabra- trio
holdable gingerbread man- white
holdable christmas wreathe
holdable radioactive skull
holdable crystal
chair with potions
witch broom rack
1940s rolls royce
haunted hallway rug
haunted hallway rug- round
curious cottage rug
curious cottage rug - round
captain sealeg's hat
captain sealeg's coat- girls
illusion space- hallway
troublemaker hair - girls
 -dark brown
 -dark blonde
 -platinum blonde
 -strawberry blonde
 -ice blue


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