Chapter Three WALKTHROUGH!

In this post, I will be telling you exactly what you need to do to complete Chapter Three of Trials of Salem.

If you would like to see a walkthrough of chapter two, head over to @dazzlerdream's page!

You start by walking in the night. You're leading Janie and Bethia to the magical spot you saw earlier. Just keep clicking forward and you should find it, and then once again to approach a log surrounded by witches weeds. After they bloom, click the bushes to find a stick that is glowing green. Just listen to the conversations and watch the following scenes and you'll arrive back home.

After saying goodnight, you plan on sneaking over to Corwin's. Head to your chest and change into the black clothing items and grab the lantern. Get to the fireplace and pull one of the sticks that is halfway in the fire. Pull up your lantern and click the stick to light it. Then you're all set to go! 

You arrive at the barn, and boy is it dark. I'll admit, this gave me a creepy feeling. Approach Runner once again. This time, though, you will not be taking the wagon. You'll be using a saddle. Head to the back room and try to unlock the chest to the left. I don't know why you can't use the saddle laying on the counter decide to sneak into the back room to find the key. Oh, Jane, do you not see where this is going....

Head to the back and unlock the door with your chisel. Once you step inside, you can't make any noise or you will be given the "Another chance?" screen. Click the barrel in the back right corner, move the blanket, grab the key. This is not the key to unlock the saddle chest but I recommend grabbing it anyway. Then move to his nightstand. Click the cup to move it off the key silently. Grab the key and exit.

Return to the tack room and use the nightstand key to unlock the chest and grab a saddle. Above it you can grab a bridle as well. Return to Runner and gear him up,

End of Chapter! I hope you enjoyed this walkthrough!

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