Miss Clue Fanatic: Season 5, Part 3

Scene: The next day, the Darcy family is visiting Andrew

Anne: Follow me, Andrew is in his room.

(They follow Anne upstairs and to Andrew's bedroom door.)

Anne: -Knocks on door- Andrew, are you awake?

Andrew: Yeah. -Coughs-

Anne: -Opens door- Don't get too close to him.

Andrew: -Coughing- Hi everyone.

Jane: Oh Andrew, poor thing!

Anne: Richard is out buying him some medicine, and then we have a Doctor's appointment.

Martha: Wow, you look so... Pale. Like a vampire almost.

Lucy: But don't worry, vampires are so cool.

Martha: Sure they are...

Josh: Feeling any better Andrew?

Andrew: Um, not really.

Alice: (Whispering from outside the door) Psst, Martha!

Martha: -Turns around- What?

Alice: (Still whispering) Come here.

Scene: In the hallway...

Alice: Okay, first of all, I said "psst", that means to be quiet... Not say "What?" out loud! Junior Detectives Club rule number 15!

Martha: Well it's not like I shouted!

Alice: It still counts! But anyway, I need to show you something...

Martha: Okay, what is it?

Alice: Look... -She gives Martha a newspaper- Read the headline.


Martha: W-What!? This can't be happening!

Alice: Better believe it! You should have seen John's reaction!

Martha: I highly doubt that Harry Pierce will change his ways, who knows what he'll do next.

Alice: Do you think we should tell Lucy?

Martha: Not that she'll remember, but we can at least try explaining it to her.

Alice: Well, who says that Harry Pierce will even try and find us?

Martha: I don't know...

(Far away in Pemberley...)

Harry Pierce: This is only the beginning...

Stay tuned for Season 5, Part 4!

FANTASTIC! Thanks Taco!!

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