"Hi everyone!"


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  • Squid
    hey petalstar! do you have any extra orca pins?
    August 2017
  • HBforever
    Hi Petal! I have finished your outfits that you requests the two tops the Purple and the Blue, I told Skylamb that they are 2 grand each, you can find me at The.Girl.With.The.BOW's salon! :) Thank you fro your time and patience.
    July 2016
  • What do you think about making my text blue, like skylamb does?
    February 2016
    • SkyLamb
      oh definitely Petal!
  • I just up loaded a avatar picture wish me luck!
    January 2016
  • CandyCars
    Welcome to the message boards! :-)
    November 2015
  • SkyLamb
    PETALSTAR!!! OMG You're on!!! WOOOOO HI HI HI, now I can Officially welcome you!!

    Welcome Petalstar, I am the miss clue official welcomer, from the Sleuthing  team!

    Welcome to the message boards!  If you ever need any help just let know!
    November 2015
  • Hi Everyone, I am Skylamb's Friend! I like reading and playing the flute, also I like to ride horses!

     I don't have my own horse yet but hope to soon!  Right now we rent a dapple horse and I go to ride her, we are friends but not best friends, I think she lotves her owner the most, but she is renting her because she is busy right now and can't come to ride her.  So I ride Misty Grey (that is the horse's name) so she gets exercise! 

    Hi SkyLamb, Can't wait to see you, I think I will call you now!
    November 2015
    • PinkyB
      Hi Petalstar! Welcome to the message boards! :)
    • HBforever
      Last week at camp I rode a horse named Mystery, she didn't seem to like me much, she only really listened when I told her to go forward, she never turned, when she stopped she liked to inch forward, also I once told her to go forward, she started running and I bounced up and down, it was scary. Lol :))