Miss Clue Fanatic: Season 4, Part 15 (Season 4 Finale)

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Scene: Martha, Alice, and John are surrounded by guards...

Martha: -Pulls up her sleeves- You don't want any of this! Just try and land one strike on me!

Alice: Back in your cage tiger! You cannot beat all of these guards!

Martha: I become dangerous if anyone I care about is in trouble!

One of the guards: Haha! Look, the little girl thinks she can fight!

Martha: I am not a little girl! I am twelve years old, junior high!

Grace: -She pulls out a sword and stands in front of the guards- If you want them, you're gonna have to get through me.

John: Grace! Are you crazy?

Grace: Just trust me. Now, run! -She begins fighting off the guards as best as she can-

John: But!

Grace: Run!!

(Quickly, they run out of the room, leaving Grace to unfortunately face the guards alone.)

Scene: They are in the large hallway again, and must search for Lucy

Alice: Grace! There's no way she'll be able to hold those guards off for long!

Martha: Don't worry, she can handle them, but right now we have to focus on finding Lucy.

John: But HOW will we find her? This place is huge!

Martha: Well, which direction did she and Vanessa go?

Alice: I think it was right.

Martha: Then we'll go right. Come on, there isn't a moment to lose!

John: We're coming to rescue you Lucy!

Alice: And hopefully Grace will still be okay after we find her!

Martha: She's already un-living, what could they possibly do to her? 

Scene: They have turned right, and have taken many other turns, trying their best to find Lucy

John: -Pant pant- We've been searching and searching. We should have found her already!

Martha: We can't just give up, Lucy is here somewhere, we just have to keep looking...

Alice: Hey, do you hear something?

(A scream can be heard down the halls.)

Martha: Oh no! That must be Lucy!

John: She must be close! Quick, follow the scream!

(They quickly run as fast as they can down the halls, until at last, they see Vanessa dragging Lucy away again.)

Martha: Get your dirty hands off of my sister!

Lucy: Martha! Alice, John! You guys found me!

Martha: Of course we did, and we're not leaving without you! -Glares at Vanessa-

Vanessa: I don't know how you escaped the guards, but Lucy belongs to us now! There's nothing you can do about it.

John: We'll just see about that!

Alice: Yeah, there's three of us and only one of you.

Vanessa: Oh really? All I see are a bunch of pathetic children thinking that they can win this fight.

Lucy: We will win, and you and the rest will be sorry!

Vanessa: Silence you! Now, if you excuse us, a certain Juliana needs her ghost form. Buh-bye.

Martha: NO! Lucy isn't the one that you want!

Alice: Martha, no! Don't tell her, it's too risky!

Martha: -Ignoring Alice- Lucy isn't the chosen one, I am!

Lucy: No Martha! Now you're in danger!

Vanessa: HA! I knew it! -She says as she drops Lucy onto the floor- I had sensed that Lucy wasn't the one. But did they listen to me? No, they only listened to my stupid cousin Edward! -Grins- But now I can prove that I was right all along by taking you, Martha, and will gain all of the glory that I deserve!

Martha: -Takes in a deep breathe and walks up to Vanessa- Go ahead, take me away. Just leave my sister and friends alone.

Lucy: Don't go with her Martha, don't do it!

John: We still have time to escape, all four of us!

Martha: Guys, I have to. It's the only way. -She smiles sadly-

Vanessa: Haha, let's get going!

Lucy: Wait, Martha! I'm-

(Suddenly, Martha and Vanessa poof away.)

Lucy: I'm sorry! -She says, and a bunch of tears roll down her face-

John: They must have gone to the throne room, where they first discussed about bringing back Juliana.

Alice: Good thinking John! 

Scene: They have made their way to the throne room

(Martha is tied up to a chair.)

Edward: It's finally time! I shall be reunited with Juliana!

Susan: AND we shall have revenge on this wicked place!

Vanessa: Ahem, what about me? I was the one who brought the REAL chosen one.

Edward: Fine. Vanessa, you were correct about Lucy not being the chosen one, and we apologize. You have our respect.

Vanessa: Ahh, music to my ears...

Edward: Ghosts! Gather around, all must witness this moment! Aunt Susan, read from the ancient scroll.

Susan: -Picks up the scroll and is about to read it aloud..-

John: Drop that scroll!

Lucy: We're here for Martha!

Vanessa: You three again!

Edward: Settle down Vanessa, there's nothing they can do now! Aunt Susan, the scroll!

(Susan begins to quickly read the scroll, and Martha's eyes glow white and she begins to float.)

Alice: What are we going to do??

Lucy: First we have to take that scroll away from Susan...

John: I'm on it! -John quickly runs over to Susan, snatching the scroll from her and tearing it in half-

(Martha's eyes stop glowing white and she stops floating.)

Susan: NO! Do you know what you have just done??

John: I saved the day, that's what!

Vanessa: We have failed the prophecy! We're all doomed!

(Suddenly, the entire castle begins to shake and crumble.)

Edward: Noo! How could we have lost!?

Lucy: -Runs up to Martha and unties her from the chair- Come on, we gotta get out of here!

(More parts of the castle begin crumbling.)

Alice: Quickly! We gotta go!

Susan: All these years! Wasted! And now we're goners!

(The four of the children begin running away.)

Edward: -Glares at them with anger- We may be going down, but you aren't leaving without punishment! -He calls out some weird words, saying words they cannot understand except for the word "Lucy", before Edward is hit by a falling piece of stone-

(The children keep running and running, avoiding as many falling stones and planks as possible, and have finally made it out of the castle. The entire thing has broken down to ruins.)

John: We made it, we made it!

Martha: Woohoo!

Lucy: -Suddenly, Lucy falls down-

Martha: Lucy! Are you okay??

FANTASTIC! Thanks Taco!!

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  • Lucy: Huh... Where am I?

    Martha: Lucy? What are you talking about?

    Lucy: Who is Lucy?

    The evil Edward has erased Lucy's memory, she remembers absolutely nothing. Her memory is blank. Nobody knows how he did it, but somehow he did. But I do know one thing, I will not stop, I will not rest until my sister's memory is restored.

    -Martha Rose Darcy

    Stay tuned for SEASON 5, PART 1!

    FANTASTIC! Thanks Taco!!

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  • :O Season finale I gotta read this!
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  • SUPER Season Finale!!  Way to go pinky!
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  • Oh gosh that is so sad....I'm so glad another season is coming!! WOOO!!!
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  • Amazing Season finale!  I'm already looking forward to the next season!
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  • Keep an eye out for a blog post from Lucy and Season 5 Info!

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