Miss Clue Fanatic: Season 4, Part 10

Scene: The children are following Grace to avoid the guards...

(The guards footsteps are getting closer and closer.)

Lucy: -Gulps- Are we there yet?

Grace: -In a quiet voice- Just a few more turns.

Martha: Can we move faster? At this rate, the guards will catch us in no time!

Grace: They'll only find us now, if someone -looks at Martha- talks too loud.

John: Oh! You just got burned by a dead person! -Laughs-

Martha: -Frowns with embarrassment-

Grace: -A sad expression comes across Grace's face at the words "dead person"-

Alice: Nice going John. Grace, are you okay?

Grace: Yes, I'm fine. It can be upsetting at times, but it's been 600 years already, I should probably let it go. -Sighs-

Lucy: -Places hands on Grace's shoulder- It's okay Grace. If you need anyone to talk to, you can always confront us.

Grace: Thank you Lucy, you're a very kind person.

(A few minutes later, they stop at a big wooden door.)

Alice: Is this the place?

Grace: Yep, this is it. -Reaches in pocket and pulls out key, unlocking the door-

Scene: They have gone through the door, and have entered a beautiful, hidden chamber.

John: Wow...

Martha: -Eyes widen- Where are we?

Grace: This used to be one of the main chambers of the castle. -Smiles, remembering the good old days- The key here became lost, I found it, and made this place my little hideout.

Alice: Little? This room is huge!

Lucy: And beautiful, too! 

Grace: My words exactly. Why don't you four look around? -She says as she locks the door back- You might find something that you'll like.

Martha: -Stumbles upon a stand for the royal's swords- Whoa... -Picks one of them up-

John: Martha! What are you doing?

Martha: Trying out this weapon. -Swings the sword here and there-

Lucy: But it's dangerous!

Martha: So says the one who drove through Bay Lake Tonight Studios...

Lucy: -Crosses arms- That was different, I needed to rescue you!

Martha: Well, maybe with a sword like these I'll be able to do some rescuing.

Alice: -Runs over to Martha- Let me try one!

Lucy: -Sighs-

Grace: I must go continue my work, I'm going to leave the key here, but please only leave the room for an emergency.

John: Don't worry, we'll be safe.

Grace: Good, remember to lock the door back. -Leaves the room-

Lucy: -Finds another wooden door in the room with no lock- Look, another door!

Scene: The kids have gone through the door, and have entered a long hall with floors and walls of stone, and on the walls are many pieces of art

Alice: Another hidden room?

Lucy: More like a hallway.

John: What's up with all of the pictures on the wall?

Alice: -Shrugs- Maybe they really liked art.

Martha: -Is closely looking at pictures-

John: What is it Martha?

Martha: I don't know... I feel like I know what this art means, but I can't put my finger on it.

Lucy: I know! Maybe it was one of the pictures we saw at Birch Island Museum last month!

Martha: -Shakes head- No, I would have recognized it... Wait!

Alice: What?

Martha: This is the story of Lucy's prophecy! 

Lucy: -Gasps- What! How do you know?

Martha: I just do! Look, this picture explains Edward's beloved's death during a vicious war, and then this one shows how the people in the castle struggled so much through the war...

Alice: What about this fifth one?

Martha: ...That's when all of the ghosts here, well, passed. The enemies destroyed them all... -Her eyes focus on the tenth picture-

Lucy: What story is that picture telling? 

Martha: Your prophecy, how Edward plans to bring her back...

Stay tuned for Season 4, Part 11!

FANTASTIC! Thanks Taco!!

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  • Okay this is the best ever, my eyes were glued to it like a movie.
  • HAHA!! I loved the part where john says "Oh! You just got burned by a dead person!"  and where Martha said "So says the one who drove through Bay Lake Tonight Studios..."  so classic!! @CandyCars  would love this!
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  • aww we don't get to know what happens in the next picture!!  AH!!!
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    PART 10!!! @PinkyB i'm so happy to see your back writing yay reading it now

    i like Halloween and adventure movies
    umm i think thats it
    miss clue: chapter 6
  • Yay, thanks! Glad that everyone likes it!

    FANTASTIC! Thanks Taco!!

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  • haha cool plot twist. ;)
    I hope someone you love is tickling your feet.
    Wowza ;)
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  • Thank you!

    @yellowsummerdaisy I was gonna post it today but I wanted for it to get more views first so not too many people would be behind, so I might post it tomorrow.

    FANTASTIC! Thanks Taco!!

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  • Posting to bring higher

    FANTASTIC! Thanks Taco!!

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  • OMG!! I wonder what the last painting shows!! also how many parts is this pinky?  So we know when it is coming to the end?
  • @SkyLamb Hmm, thinking maybe close to 18?

    FANTASTIC! Thanks Taco!!

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  • :OOooooo what does the painting tell?!?!?!?!
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