Miss Clue Fanatic: Season 4, Part 6

Scene: The children wake up, back at the Haunted Castle...

Martha: What the?!

Lucy: We're back at the Haunted Castle!

John: How in the world did we get here?

Alice: -Looks around- Hello... Anyone here??

Lucy: We should probably get out of here...

Martha: Absolutely. Come on guys, let's go.

(They walk towards the door, but it won't budge.)

John: The door is stuck, we're trapped!

Lucy: Ahh! What are we going to do?

Alice: It's okay, all we have to do is call our parents. -Tries to call home-

Martha: Is anyone answering?

Alice: No, my phone isn't working.

Lucy: At least I'm not cold this time...

John: Let's look around and see if anyone else is here.

Martha: Good idea, they might be able to help us.

Scene: They look and look, but can't seem to find anyone

Alice: This is hopeless!

Lucy: Yeah! We seem to be the only ones here.

Martha: If we somehow ended up here, then someone must have brought us here.

John: Which means that someone must be here somewhere.

Lucy: Someone, or something...

Alice: What do you mean Lucy?

Lucy: You know what I mean...

Martha: Oh no Lucy, not again! Ghosts did not bring us here!

Lucy: It could be a possibility!

Martha: -Rolls eyes-

John: Girls! No need to fight over me. -Bursts out laughing-

Alice: Oh brother...

Martha: I will turn YOU into a ghost if you say that again!

John: Okay okay, I was just kidding! -Chuckle-

Lucy: -Sniff sniff- Hey, what's that smell?

Martha: -Sniff- I smell it too. Smells like dinner.

Alice: Let's follow the smell, other people might be there!

Scene: The group follows the scent, and ends up in the dining hall, and sees a table full of food

John: Whoa... Who could have cooked this?

Alice: I don't know, but it sure does look good!

Martha: Maybe the workers here did for decoration.

Lucy: I don't think so Martha, it seems to be from right out of the oven. And it smells fresh, too.

Martha: So strange...

John: Hello! Anyone home?

(No answer.)

Alice: I guess we should keep searching then.

(All of the sudden, a young teenage girl is revealed, sitting in one of the chairs at the table.)

Vanessa: Hello, we've been expecting you four. Come and sit, please. -Grins-

John, Martha, Alice, and Lucy: G-GHOST!!!

Stay tuned for Season 4, Part 7!

FANTASTIC! Thanks Taco!!

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