Miss Clue Fanatic: Season 3, Part 13 (Part 1 of 3 of Season Finale)

Scene: Once the code is entered, the vending machine opens and reveals a long hallway

Benjamin: Whoa...

Tina: Quiet.

(They drag them through the hall, and into their headquarters.)

Andy: -Grins- You two will be staying here with our special guest.

Martha: Let us go!

Andy: No.

Tina: -Throws Martha and Benjamin into their prisoner room and locks the door-

George: -Looking through the door's window- This will teach you two not to get in people's way!

Martha: -Crosses arms and sticks tongue out-

Benjamin: -Looks behind him- Um, Martha...

Martha: Yeah?

Benjamin: Their guest is VERY special...

Martha: What do you mean? -Looks behind her, and sees the mayor- Oh my gosh! The mayor of Pemberley!

Mayor: -Nods- Yep, that's me.

Benjamin: So it's true? The T.A.G really captured you?

Mayor: They sure did. And once I find a way out of here, they will pay for their crimes!

Martha: That's good to hear Mr. Mayor. One question though, how will we get of here?

Mayor: That I do not yet know, but there certainly must be some way.

Benjamin: Mayor, why did the T.A.G capture you?

Mayor: For money. They want at least 500,000 dollars in order to set me free.

Martha: Just 500,000? That seems so little for setting a mayor free.

Mayor: -Chuckle- Most people think that, but I'm not the president of the U.S, so that would be a reasonable price for a mayor. Now, why did they bring you children here?

Benjamin: Well, it's a long story, but we'll try and shorten it for you.

Scene: Back at the grandparents' mansion...

Jane: Okay, the police said that they're on their way to investigate.

Josh: I hope they hurry, they're probably so far away by now!

Jane: Don't worry Josh, we'll find Martha.

Grandma: (Entering the room) I've searched the entire mansion, she isn't here.

Grandpa: Let's still not worry, we just need to be patient.

Lucy: I'm, uh, gonna go to our guest room.

Jane: Okay sweetie.

(In the guest room.)

Lucy: -Looks out window- Martha, where are you?

Lucy: -While looking out the window, she notices a trail of oil from the car- Wherever that car went, my sister must be there!

Lucy: -She puts a bunch of useful items into her backpack then puts it on- I will not sit here and wait for the police!

(Lucy creeps back down the stairs, then while her parents and grandparents aren't paying attention, sneaks out through the front door.)

Spot: -Is lying down on the grass whimpering-

Lucy: -Sigh- Are you upset that Martha is gone too?

Spot: -Whimper-

Lucy: -Gently pets him- I could use a companion during this search...

Spot: -His ear perks up and he stands on his paws-

Lucy: Good boy, now follow me. -She starts to follow the trail with Spot behind her-

Scene: After at least two hours of following the trail, she finally reaches Bay Lake

Lucy: They took her already to Bay Lake?? The nerve!

Spot: Bark! -Growls angrily, yet adorable at the same time-

Lucy: That's right Spot! -Suddenly, she feels very tired- It's so late, and I'm so tired out from walking!

Spot: Bark, bark! -Runs over to a building that says Water View Hotel-

Lucy: Perfect, good boy Spot! Thank goodness I'm able to pay!

(At the mansion.)

Josh: Has anyone seen my credit card?? 

Scene: The T.A.G is having a group meeting

Andy: We got the boy and the girl, what's next?

Tina: Tomorrow we go and get the little sister, then hopefully get some good money from the mayor.

George: And if we can't get money from the mayor?

Tina: Then we'll threaten them until we get what we want.

Andy: Or we could do something much easier...

George: Like what?

Andy: The two girls are related to two of some of the richest people in Pemberley, right?

Tina: -Nods- I believe so.

Andy: Well, if nobody pays up for the mayor, we could get paid by them in exchange for their grandchildren.

George: Andy, that's a great plan! It might just work.

Tina: But what if it fails?

Andy: Then the girls are doomed unless we get paid.

Stay tuned for Season 3, Part 14! (Part 2 of 3 of Season Finale)

FANTASTIC! Thanks Taco!!

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  • You are indeed right #suspense! I can't have enough!!!!!! This was soo good I can't wait for Part 2 of this!

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    FANTASTIC! Thanks Taco!!

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    FANTASTIC! Thanks Taco!!

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