Miss Clue Fanatic: Season 3, Part 10

Scene: Josh is, unknowingly, speaking with the T.A.G

Josh: How may I help you?

Tina: We're looking for something, and we believe that it's in this here house.

Josh: What? Why would you think such a thing?

George: We've been in this sort of business for a while, we know what we're doing.

Josh: -Crosses arms- Do you even have any proof?

Tina: -Pulls out a picture of a poisonous gas can- Have you seen this item?

Josh: -Shakes head- Never had in my life.

Andy: Well, you're about to. -He pulls out the can and sprays it at Josh-

Josh: -Falls to the ground, knocked out for a certain amount of time-

George: Ha! Perfect. Now let's search for those girls.

Tina: There's no car outside, he seems to be the only one home.

Andy: The perfect opportunity...

George: Yes. Now, split up!

Scene: Martha and Lucy return home

Lucy: I can't believe we're a team now!

Martha: I know! Now all we need is a good team name...

Lucy: The M.L.B?

Martha: Absolutely not! Too similar to the T.A.G.

Lucy: That's true. Maybe I could post a discussion on Miss Clue asking for suggestions?

Martha: Good idea. -She says as she opens the door-

Martha: Dad, we're here!


Lucy: He probably decided to go out with mom, grandma, and grandpa.

Martha: Most likely.

(All of the sudden, a thick heavy rope is thrown onto them, and the T.A.G appears.)

Lucy: -Gasps- The T.A.G!

Martha: -Glares at them- What are you guys doing here?

Andy: No hello? Rude.

Martha: -Rolls eyes- Answer the question!

Tina: We've actually come to see you and your sister. We want something that you have.

Lucy: You're not getting anything from us!

George: We'll just see about that.

Andy: Where's the envelope?

Martha: Envelope? I have no idea what you're talking about.

Tina: Yeah, sure you don't.

George: We saw you with it, we know that you have it.

Andy: Just hand it over to us and we'll leave you be.

Martha: It's just paper... Why is it so important?

Tina: Because of what is inside of it...

Lucy: Oh, you must mean the gem...

Martha: Lucy!

Lucy: -Gulp-

George: The gem! Where is it??

Martha: Long gone, and we'll never tell you where it is!

Tina: You better tell us if you know what's good for you... -Pulls out a shot- One ounce of this and you'll be out like a light.

Andy: The clock is ticking...

Tina: No answer? Well, let's start off with the smaller one here. -Goes toward Lucy-

Martha: No! Fine, I'll tell you where it is.

Tina: -Smile- Smart choice.

George: Tell us, now.

Martha: -In a low voice- It's hidden under the large oak tree in town park.

Andy: See, now was that too hard?

George: Let's go.

(The T.A.G leave.)

Lucy: Martha, that's not where it is!

Martha: -Grins- I know.

Scene: The phone rings

Lucy: -Answers phone- Hello?

John: Hello? Is this Lucy?

Lucy: Sure is, hey John!

John: Hey. Listen, I have something to tell you.

Lucy: What is it?

John: Alice and I were able to find out information about the T.A.G.

Lucy: You did?? That's awesome!

John: Yeah, we were. But it's pretty bad stuff...

Lucy: How bad? Very bad?

John: Very. We even found out who their boss is!

Lucy: Don't keep me hanging! Who's their boss?

John: Kennedy.

Lucy: -Eyes widen- That guy who used to be one of the most wanted criminals?!

John: Yep, that's him... Looks like the T.A.G is more dangerous than we thought...

Stay tuned for Season 3, Part 11!

FANTASTIC! Thanks Taco!!

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