Miss Clue Fanatic: Season 3, Part 6

Scene: Martha & Lucy are showing the jewel to Grandma

Grandma: Oh my! That's the jewel that was robbed from the jewelry store next week!

Lucy: Ahh! We touched stolen property!

Martha: Calm down Lucy!

Grandma: Where did you two find this?

Martha: It was in an envelope.

Lucy: And I found the envelope in the backyard.

Grandma: May I see the envelope?

Martha: -Nods and hands her the envelope-

Grandma: Hmm... T.A.G. Isn't that the group you were asking us about?

Lucy: Yep, looks like they actually exist.

Grandma: Well, if the T.A.G are thieves, then that boy was right to warn you.

Martha: I guess so.

Grandma: How about you two return the jewel to the store? After all, you're the ones who found it.

Martha: Sure!

Grandma: Excellent, here are the directions.

Martha: Perfect, let's go Lucy.

Scene: They arrive at the jewelry store

Lucy: Huh? It's empty in here.

Martha: Weird.

Lucy: Hello? Anybody here?

(Rustle rustle)

Mr. Robin: Please, leave me alone!

(Rustle rustle)

Lucy: What's going on??

Martha: I-I don't know!

George: Silence you!

(The door behind the counter swings open.)

Martha: Hide!

(They hide near the counters.)

George: You tricked us! That jewel wasn't the most valuable!

Mr. Robin: I assure you, it is!

Tina: Lies! Now hand over the store's most valuable jewel, NOW!

Mr. Robin: Please, just leave!

Andy: Give it to us or your son goes! (He says, Benjamin in his hands.)

Mr. Robin: Okay, okay! Here, take the jewel! -Hands it to them-

George: -Snatches it from his hand- And this time, it better not be a trick.

(Tina, Andy, and George leave. Martha and Lucy get out of their hiding spot.)

Martha: Um, hi.

Mr. Robin: Oh, hello little girls!

Martha: Uh, may we ask what just happened?

Mr. Robin: You saw that?

Lucy: Yeah, we were hiding.

Benjamin: The T.A.G, that's what happened.

Martha: -Eyes widen- The T.A.G!? They were the T.A.G?

Mr. Robin: -Nods- Tina, Andy, and George. T.A.G stands for the first letters of their names.

Lucy: They're thieves?

Benjamin: Not just thieves, bullies.

Martha: Mind if I ask, well, a lot of questions?

Lucy: We have no time, it's almost lunch. Just return the jewel.

Martha: Fine. Here, we found the stolen jewel.

Mr. Robin: The jewel! Thank you so much!

Martha: No problem.

Scene: That night at the boarding school...

Julia: Ugh, I can't take this anymore! (Looks at a picture of her dad, Harry Pierce.)

Julia: I know that you don't want me here Dad.

Julia: -She grabs her backpack and the picture- So I am leaving! Don't you worry Dad, my escape will be successful.

(She manages to get out of the building, now she is on her way. But it starts to rain heavily.)

Julia: I don't care about the rain, I'm not going back!

(She walks for about 40 minutes...)

Julia: -Cough cough- So wet, so cold...

(She sees a mansion up ahead. She knocks on the door.)

(The door opens.)

Julia: -Cough, cough- H-Hi.

Jane: Oh my, you poor thing!

Stay tuned for Season 3, Part 7!

FANTASTIC! Thanks Taco!!

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    AH!!! JUILA!!! They have to turn her back over to the boarding school!!!! How did she escape?!?!? 
    give her back! 
  • Another wonderful installment! I love the way you got you name for the TAG So great!

    This has been something I really look forward to!  Thanks again pinky!
  • I totally agree @SkyLamb they need to give Julia back and the school should bar her room lol!

    I like love it Pinky!  You're the most epic writer!

    64HBS56TE0AI TY Jessizoid!

  • Thank you everyone! :)

    FANTASTIC! Thanks Taco!!

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  • Lovely work as always Pinky!  I am so proud!  You have kept up your station in the Sleuthing Team Impeccably!
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    FANTASTIC! Thanks Taco!!

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  • Posting to bring higher. :D

    FANTASTIC! Thanks Taco!!

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  • SQUEEE!!!!! OMG This I think is the BEST season YET!!! I am like refreshing all the time hoping for a new one now :O!!

    My sister also wants me to say she loves it too!!

    THANKS pinky from both of US!

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  • Thanks Golden and Golden's sister! xD

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  • Posting so more people can read it before reading Part 7.

    FANTASTIC! Thanks Taco!!

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  • OOo nice twist!  This is really nice work pinky!
  • I LOVE the way you write these!!! THEY'RE SOOOO INTENSE!!! KEEP IT UP @PINKYB  <:-P <:-P

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