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I was looking through my friends list last night. I saw that my friend @Rawr.Its.Dino was online, so I decided to IM her. It was a good thing that I clicked on her title, you wouldn't believe where she was at...


I almost danced with joy when I saw this! I quickly followed Dino there.

The rewards were AWESOME. The winner had three rewards to choose from: An icecream cart, an icecream parfait, and skeleton pants! (I would have literally cried if there was a beanie or panda hood...)

But, sadly, I missed it! The game had started! WHY!!!

But there would be a next game for the remaining rewards... YAY!!

There was a huge line for the next game. The Cute Or Boot had 25/25 people and was, of course, on top of the Popular Rooms list. I felt proud to be in such a popular room xD.

The game was soo intense. It was like a race for the White House, except the White House would be super rare items. (That makes sense, right? Right.) The excitement of the people waiting for  the next game was even more intense... I was tempted to climb over the rocks and run over to the icecream. #VFKBlackFriday o_o

I was booming with excitement when it was time for the next game! Everyone in line ran in as if they were a stampede! I didn't blame them.

But then, something tragic happened. Right in the middle of the game... I had to go! And I was doing so well! WHY!!!! So long icecream parfait... :( Sigh...


FANTASTIC! Thanks Taco!!

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  • Guess who won second place? :D
  • @CandyCars I heard that the second place winner won a tree hat and would give it to one of his best friends who had to go in the middle of the game. ;)

    FANTASTIC! Thanks Taco!!

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  • Oh wow how tragic pinky! it just proves we have to make time to stay on longer!

    Loved your post I wish I had been there!!!! 

    By the way, how is your fanatic movie coming?
  • I agree @SkyLamb!  I wish I had been there!!!

    You're awesome at writing Pinky loved this latest post!
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  • Thanks guys! :)

    @SkyLamb Pretty well, thanks for asking!

    FANTASTIC! Thanks Taco!!

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    Wow! lol that sounds like an impressive Cute or Boot, I wish I'd been there.  I agree with @Skylamb!  How is your Fanatic Movie coming?  Woot! :D

    Ask before taking.
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