In this post, I will be telling you exactly what to do to complete Chapter Two in Secret of the Haunted Garden.

We start our chapter by seeing a clearer image of the ghost cat we saw last time. It goes up the stairs. Follow the cat, and walk in the path of the pawprints until you get to the end of the hall. Click on the pawprints to get closer, and you will see a secret compartment with a peacock box inside.
Jane is too tired to keep going. Go to your room (the door directly in front of the stairs) and call it a night. 
In the morning, go back to the area where the box was. But instead of grabbing it, a door will creak open to the left. As you get closer, it shuts. But you hear muffled arguing inside. Go back downstairs to tell Mrs. Danforth. As you go downstairs, when you're on your way to the kitchen, you see a ghost woman pass by and through the door. 
Speak to Mrs. Danforth (in the kitchen). She will tell you about her sister (I'm guessing the woman you saw), the cat, and the peacock box as well. 
You remember that you only dusted the desk yesterday. You decide it's a good idea to go back and dust some more. Return to the living room and dust the fireplace, as well as the picture above it. A combination will appear. This DOES NOT stay, so make sure to screenshot or use the picture below:
L4, L2, R6
Go back upstairs to the peacock box you found last night. 
peacock box
The areas circled are the areas you will have to click. Make sure your arrow is turning LEFT when you turn left, and RIGHT when you turn right.
Start at the top, on the middle flower. Click 4 times with the arrow facing left. Move to the bottom left feather and turn left twice. Then move to the right feather and turn right 6 times. The box should open. Make sure that you take all the items inside, including the letter. Return to Mrs. Danforth in the kitchen, and tell her about your findings. She asks you to go rake the garden. Exit the house by leaving through the doors in the living room (by the statue).
Approach the fountain. Get close to the fish and place a mirror in it's mouth. After this is done, turn to the right. You will see the gate that you used in the first chapter to peek inside the garden. The rake is next to this gate. Store it. Turn back around and turn to the right of the fish fountain. You should find an area where you can get close to the leaves on the ground. With rake in hand, click the leaves. The word necklace should appear briefly, before the leaves blow back over.
Go past the fish fountain and into the next section of the garden. Turn to the right, and get close to the peacock statue. Place a mirror in it's mouth.
 You should see light shining on the sundial, specifically 3 and 6.
sundial light
Note that the sundial is not labeled like a clock, the numbers are in different spots. Rotate left to get to the three. If done correctly, the word "click" should be lowercase in the chat log. Rotate right (opposite way) to get to the 6.  Photos below.
 The sundial will open and there will be a slot to insert your key you found in the first chapter. It will lead you below the sundial. Click to open, and pick up the journal inside. The book is not like the books in Formula For Danger, it is not long. It may be a good idea to quickly read the 3 pages. You cannot store this book (yet).
Go back to Mrs. Danforth and discuss your findings. Go back to the garden as instructed, and watch the following scene.

That is the end of the chapter. I hope you enjoyed this walkthrough!! :)

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is the same as the role of a lover
If I love you,
I must make you conscious of things
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