Went into the Gift Shoppe to see if it was decorated Christmas but it is still Halloween in there! Autumn Imports is decorated in Christmas though! :o


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  • Went into the Gift Shoppe to see if it was decorated Christmas but it is still Halloween in there! Autumn Imports is decorated in Christmas though! :o
    December 6
  • I haven't made a new discussion since September. :o I'll make a new one soon!
    November 24
  • Is VFK down for anyone? I wasn't able to get on at first now I can but in single player and computer is having trouble loading other stuff too.
    November 7
    • Super_Princess_Rosalina
      VFK is back now!(should of commented this a while ago lol)
    • Holly
      It was for me too. Everything's back to normal now! :D
    • Tegdirb
      Yes, was down
  • I'm seeing trade rooms with lots of people every day lately! A while back there were no trade rooms.. looks like trade rooms are back! :D
    November 5
    • Holly
      Lol its nice to see a lot more people on again!!
  • I love the costumes that came out tonight at Halloween shop! :D
    November 1
  • Happy Halloween everyone! :D
    October 31
    • Super_Princess_Rosalina
      Its actually not Halloween yet but its tomorrow for some people so decided to post early lol
    • Holly
      Woot Happy Halloween VFK!!!
  • Newsletter came early again revealing the Saturday costumes! I ignored it at first and was going to wait until it got released but I wanted to see badly what they were and looked. xD But it turns out it is something that I suggested!! :O
    October 21
    • iStella
      :O you peeked!! which one did you suggest?
    • Super_Princess_Rosalina
      I actually think I suggested both but I wanted the Steven Universe costumes more!
    • Holly
      Lol I would have looked the second I logged in!! I get too excited for the new costumes!
  • Is VFK down for anyone? I was just able to get on message boards but I think I'm disconnected on VFK.
    October 15
  • Only a half hour until game costumes come out!!
    October 14
  • I came on VFK to see that a newsletter came out and it said what tomorrow morning's costumes are! I'm glad the game costume was not revealed early as I like surprises!
    October 14
  • My internet on my computer has went down completely... I was hoping to do word search and work on my Halloween competition entry tonight.. :/
    October 8
  • The Halloween costumes that came out this morning were cool! I wish I was on VFK for the release but I wasn't. For anyone who doesn't know what the Halloween costumes was of it was from Teen Titans!
    October 8
  • It is now Halloween in Victorian Age! :O
    September 30
  • Halloween stuff is on the calendar! We are getting Halloween decorations in 3 days!! Halloween is on its way! So excited!! :D
    September 27
    • Trinityy
      Woohoo! Happy Halloween everybody!
    • MiniLuna
      I saw that :O I can't wait until the costume tidal wave comes in!!
  • I've been pretty unactive lately. I may still be a bit unactive but I'll try to get on a little bit. I've had this avatar for the entire summer so time to change it! I sent in a new avatar!
    September 17
    • EleanorRose
      Welcome Back! That is a cute avatar.. Who is she?!
    • Super_Princess_Rosalina
      The girl with the blue dress is Rosalina from the Super Mario video games! As you can see that's what my title is based off of. The star in the picture is a Luma which is also from the Mario series and you might already know but the pink guy is Kirby!
    • JungleAnimal
      welcome back
  • Nice profile pic.. why isn't it shiny Primarina??
    August 28
  • I totally forgot to post that I posted my first post of VFK Glitches and Tips! Go check it out if you would like! :D
    August 25
  • Currently sitting in my 2014 Man Cave room! Its kind of my new login but since its name has "2014" in it and you can't type that year anymore I can't lock my room so people will come in often. Last night I got a clone army! 
    August 22
    • iMinute
      oh yea that was so funny LOL 'FIGHT FOR CLONES'
  • I posted about my new series! Go check it out if you would like!
    August 15
    • MidnightMystery
      Going to check it out!
    • iMinute
      Bet it's gonna be a big hit!! Love the idea of this
  • I might post a new series tomorrow or within a few days! This is not a story series as what I plan to post is VFK related! Here is another hint: This was one of the things I did for Dazzlerdream's sleuthing team!
    August 15
  • Posted a new discussion! I always forget to post on my wall whenever I've posted an important discussion. :P
    August 8
  • The new tailor shop in Colonial Age opened and it lit on fire! We had to use buckets to put out the fire!
    August 7
    • yellowsummerdaisy
      AHHH LOL that sounds like fun!!!
    • Holly
      OMG does anyone have pics?? LOL
    • rain_shadow
      I do I'll post some in the colonial topic
    • Rhodopis
      Is that why it was closed?
  • I'm going to post items I'm trading for credits soon so kind of like a store! I'm just finding items I'm willing to trade for credits!
    August 4
  • I estimated on when everything in Colonial will be released and if all of the stores in the new Merchant Square room opens it could take until October for everything to release if its only one store or room per week! It could take even more time if there are more stores to come! I think this is better than everything being released at once because then it is something to look forward too!
    August 3
    • goldenpuppy
      HELLO!! I AGREE!! Usually with something new, when it's all there I run around like mad trying and buying everything I can!! Then I'm bored again waiting for the next thing to come out!! And I hate to have all VFKs work used up so fast SO YEAH!! I love having it over time I get to keep coming to see what big new things happen!!
  • I'm unable to post pictures on message boards again.. :(
    August 1
    • iStella
      That only happens when the picture is too big, how big is the picture you want to post rose?
    • Super_Princess_Rosalina
      Its a screen shot from Epic Ages but I tried inserting other screenshots and they worked but I believe the one I was trying to post was 3. something MB
    • iStella
      can you make images smaller? if you can, try that and repost
    • Holly
      It need's to be smaller. That happens to me when it's a full screenshot I always have to edit them.
    • Super_Princess_Rosalina
      I was able to insert other unedited screenshots though. Next time it doesn't work I'll edit it. Thanks for the help Holly and Stella!
  • Bondi Beach party going on right now! I missed the last one so glad I remembered this time! :D
    July 28
  • I've been a night owl for a couple of weeks because its the middle of the night right now but that usually happens to me when its Summer. Anyways I just posted a new discussion with some news! Go check it out if you would like! :D
    July 19
  • I'm going to make a goal of getting one million credits by playing games or trading! I might make a discussion about it with daily updates! I only got 70,000 so its going to be a long journey.
    July 13
    • SportyChic
      I always waste my credits too quickly, I could never trust myself LOL
  • Its over midnight for me so technically tomorrow marks 2 years since Message Boards opened and PinkyB's birthday! :D
    July 11
  • Yes! A Bondi Beach party is happening on July 14th! I'm excited for a few other things on the calendar too! I wish Bondi Beach would be open all year instead of only in Summer. :P
    July 10