Scavenger Hunt Hang Up

Is anyone else still having trouble getting into the Motorcycle Trail from the ZugTug Shop Exterior?



  • i dont even have a clue of what this is

    Screen Shot 2019-03-08 at 11.21.46 AM
  • @prettyredstone that is the Motorcycle Trail. It's the left hand corner-ish exit from the exterior of the ZugTug shop but it just refuses to load for me


  • weird, it let me in. took a while and i thought it wasn't gonna let me in.
  • weird
    This is where it's always stuck at for me


  • It worked fine for me when I did hunt last night.
  • yes i got stuck there too bee. i just waited a bit and i got in
  • @prettyredstone I've been sitting at that screen i took a picture of for 2 hours so I don't think it's gonna happen lol


  • @HoneyBee I had that problem once but it seems like it only happens when my browser is zoomed.  If your browser is zoomed then try resetting to 100% and try that.  If your browser is not zoomed then I have no idea why it's doing that o.o
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  • This is what it looks like if your browser is zoomed, most browsers you can zoom in and out by holding CTRL and using the scroll wheel

    For Chrome:
    When zoomed either in or out, it shows the icon to the right of the search field \/

    If you want to reset it to 100% just click that little icon and click the reset shown below \/


    For Firefox:

    Same as above, however just by clicking the 110% icon it will reset it to 100%


    just in case you or anyone else needs it! :P

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    I'm having this same problem and I'm using ea..been waiting for a while and haven't been able to get in.. it gets stuck at the same place as honeybee

    Edit: I was able to get in the room using the browser using a clone and trying to get into the room with ea using main account.. and even though it still says it's loading in ea I saw my main in the Motorcycle Trail room.. so it may have more to do with the screen not switching for some reason rather then not loading all the way as I was also able to exit the screen using the map button..which we can never do when loading freezes.
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  • I also was not able to enter the room.  It seemed to freeze up, yet I could exit the screen using the map button.  This happens to me all the time in the Zoo area also.  I sent a help message awhile ago addressing this problem but never heard back so I thought maybe it was just happening to me.  Then I saw that they had put shortcuts in the zoo and thought maybe it is happening to a lot of players and that is a way around it until they can figure out what is causing the glitch.  Who knows?  It does prevent me from completing quests on occasion though, which is annoying.

  • If I'm on Edge browser with 100% zoom that room doesn't load but if I zoom out 75% it loads just fine. Some days though it doesn't act up when I'm on 100% but still I don't know what causes it. Either the game graphics or my computer? Not sure!


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  • @Patticakes yes this is exactly what was happening to me. It almost always happens to me in the Motorcycle Trail and had been happening to me in the zoo when they stuck the shortcuts in! I'm not sure what the problem is, as some days I get in just fine and some days it's just a complete stop (All of this on the same browser and account.) I'm grateful that they changed the spot though to somewhere I could get to!


  • Me too!  I revisited it and was pleasantly surprised to see they had changed that location!  Usually I just have to give up and not finish the scavenger hunt.
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