New story! - Chapter 1 and 2 - the voyage and Something New

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I had a dream last night and I want to make it into a story!  I don't know if it will be a good one but I'm so excited to see!!!
Would anyone be interested to hear it?

It's a little spacey!

Chapter 1 - the voyage

It had been 3 weeks since the Ambassador and his daughter Annalee left the galactic palace to travel to a far off outpost which had recently started mining gold. He was on his way to sign a trade agreement to start importing the mined gold to his homeland which would be profitable for both sides!  This was a delicate matter and required the utmost secrecy so the Ambassador, Bernard Van Den Berg, left in a standard looking spaceship but that was equip several hidden gun ports.  Among the crew that was in charge to escort him and his daughter safely was Captain David McCloy his son Adrian.  The Captain and Mr. Van Den Berg had long been friends and so the voyage thus far was very enjoyable!

The Ambassador's Daughter loved to gaze at the stars and could often be found looking out at them from the lookout room located toward the back of the ship and it was there she was today.  Annalee who was now 18 years old, was very lovely, her long golden hair fell in soft curls to her waist and her stunningly blue eyes always seemed to sparkle.   she wore a blue dress which was tied with a light cream sash that matched the trim on her sleeves.  Over the many years there had been countless dress styles but the one now in fashion was medieval, however, with the added shimmer and shine that all expensive space fabrics had today.    she truly looked like a princess, which isn't surprising seeing as she was descended from the royal family, who were her cousins.  Though as many people know, you can only have one royal family ruling at a time so her family took on honorary titles such as Ambassador!

Annalee sighed, she would be glad when this trip was over, as much as she loved traveling among the stars she also loved to see the blue of the sky and the soft clouds and yellow sun rays that streamed through the palace windows.  Though the stars twinkled beautifully there was something so unchanging and stead fast about them which made you want to wander and see new things!

She turned and began to walk back to the main deck where her father would be with Captain McCloy.  The captain was very kind with a big smile though a serious face and a voice that made you jump it sounded so commanding, you could see how many people thought him harsh and mean, however, he was a dear older gentlemen who Annalee loved almost as much as her own father.  Adrian was handsome but she never saw him much, he always seemed to be on some duty or another and only occasionally would you see his dark blonde hair disappearing around a corner, sometimes they would all dine together and that was lots of fun!  All the crew were nice and friendly, the only person who she felt uneasy about was her father's adviser Dominic Stewart, he was thin and short with a narrow face and his beady eyes seemed to be darting here and there continually, and when they did settle on something a very unpleasant smirk would spread across his face as if that thing were all his own or he knew a secret nobody else did.   Annalee would have much preferred he didn't come but he did his job so well that not liking him was hardly grounds to ask her father not to bring him. 

She turned down a long corridor and was just halfway down when something grabbed her arm and pulled her into a passage way.  The door slid shut immediately and the sudden darkness made it impossible to see, before she knew what happened someone kissed her!  

Chapter 2 - Something new

You might be well surprised,  but no more than Annalee!  The kiss was amazing and wonderful, she had completely lost all thoughts of anything and nothing seemed to matter, she felt warm from head to toe.  Then, just as suddenly as it had fled, reality washed over her and Annalee pulled away, feeling shocked and surprised.  She took a step back which put her against the wall of the passage way, her eyes had adjusted to the dim light , she suspected she was in a thin service hall, maybe a place where a crew member could access some wiring or something and someone was standing in front of her who was quite tall though it was still too dark to see their face.

"How dare you!" She said raising her head high and sounding as dignified as a lady, which of course she was, "Do you know who I am? I'm Ambassador Bernard Van Den Berg, daughter!" 

The stranger answered "Yes, I know who you are" 

Oh goodness, he sounded very apologetic, what was she to do?  This just wasn't done.  Her rank and status were too high for random crew members to go around kissing her!  She would have to report this immediately and the crew member removed at once, this sort of behavior was completely out of line.  There was nothing for it but to ask his name if he would give it... 
"Who are you?" Annalee asked sounding again very distant and dignified.

"Lieutenant Adrian McCloy" was the low reply.

Oh no, the Captain's son!  Could this be any worse, how can she tell their fathers?  Their duty was to protect the Ambassador and his Daughter and if she were to report it, it would be embarrassing for all involved!  She sighed, she couldn't report this, maybe, if he was as half as sorry as he sounded it wouldn't happen again and all would be well.

"I'm sure you didn't mean anything by this" she softly said "If you open the door right away and let me out I won't report this to your father and it will all be forgotten" she started to move for the door when his arm stopped her!

"Wait" he pleaded blocking her path, Annalee stepped back to where she was before trying desperately to see his face in the darkness, what more could there be to say? She had to leave as soon as possible before they were discovered, though maybe he wanted to apologize before she left?  She waited for more.

"I can't let you go, I mean I must apologize it was extremely uncalled for, but I can't let you go without explaining" He sighed deeply and she wished more than anything she could see him clearly "Annalee, ever since I saw you come on to the ship I have loved you, I know this is sudden, however, I can't help that, over the three weeks you've been aboard it hasn't changed and could wait no longer to tell you.  You are the most kind, wonderful, thoughtful and lovely person in the world. I have seen you many times around the ship but my duties have kept me from speaking with you other than the times we dine all together, which are the happiest moments of my life."  
He stopped for a moment but the words he had spoken hung in the air and went straight to Annalee's heart  "I know this was the wrong path to take but I saw you were coming around the corner and I couldn't seem to stop myself, I hope you will forgive me."

Annalee didn't know what to say or think, it was wonderful, she felt warm and happy and she wholeheartedly accepted his apology but words were lost to her.  She must say something though she thought, if she doesn't he would start thinking all sorts of reasons for her being quiet, so she began
"I, don't know what to say Lieutenant McCloy--" "Please, call me Adrian and say you'll forgive me" he asked, annalee smiled with a blush and looked down "I do forgive you, completely!  I...This is very confusing, I like you very much, my heart tells me more but at this moment I can't trust myself, you're right this isn't the path to take, we're both very high in rank and much is expected, no one must know we were here.  Maybe you could ask the captain for a change in duties so we could spend more time together and I could give you my answer then."

Adrian smiled too "fair enough, I'll speak with my father as soon as possible.  First we need to get you out of here!"  He leaned toward the door "wait, how are we to know nobody is coming?" Annalee asked 

"Simple, all service doors are equip with a mirror which reflects both ways down the corridor.  Some ships have cameras but in case of emergency you need it to work with out unnecessary power usage.  Also if the ship is on red alert many people will be going to their stations and you need everything to remain as organized as possible without collisions.  There are other reasons for it as well" He slid open a panel above the door and looked into it.

"Such as?"

"Such as if the ship was to be under attack this could be an impromptu hiding place with the ability to see if the enemy was about, or if a beautiful girl was walking down the hall" Annalee smiled again and so did he.

"Alright, Coast is clear" he announced "you leave first and I'll go by another way in this passage, get ready" 

The service door slid to the side and Annalee stepped out and looked back, for the first time since she went into the passage she could see him well and at that moment she knew she loved him.  "Farewell Adrian" She said, he grinned then let the door slid shut.

Next Chapter here!

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  • Let's hear it!

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  • Okay I'll start writing chapter 1 now!!  Watch out @GiftPrincess

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  • Great beginning are you going to continue?  I'd like to see!
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  • Updated!!!  More coming soon!

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    oh how intriguing!! I WANT TO HEAR MORE!!!!!
    are you going to have a regular posting schedule, like once a week, or twice a week?  I love short stories like this :)
  • I have no idea lol, I hadn't thought of a scheduled time!!  If I can I will add more to it each day!

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    Updated with half of chapter 2!!  I hope you enjoy! :)

    I know it might see a bit fast but If you're curious I really did dream this lol

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  • i'm in love with this story <3 Adrian is so dreamy!
    keep it up @goldenpuppy you really have a knack for writing! 
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    oh his hair... if I could only touch his hair
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  • Aww YAY Thank you @showjumpingbird!!  I hope it's coming out well I don't write much and I feel like i'm leaving all kinds of details out, my dream was so much faster than writing this it takes like twice as long to write than dream it lol

    I didn't actually have the names in my dream except annalees I got my brother to help me pick out names so I hope you like them! :)

    Also I'm adding in the talking its not exactly as i dreamed it but then I forgot most of what was said in my dream o.o

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  • More story added to chapter 3!!!

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  • More added again! :)

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    More story!  I'm wondering, h my brother once said that long things were hard to read on miss clue because of the red with white letters.  

    I saw someone make a post with a white back ground does anyone know how to do that?

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  • Hi @goldenpuppy

    I know how to make the back ground white with black letters for you, I'll PM you information on that!

  • just thought I would reread this chapter while I waited for Chapter 5 :x


    oh his hair... if I could only touch his hair
    Alan Rickman - 1946 - 2016  :(
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