VFK TODAY - Join the HOT TOPICS, GIVEAWAY, and some staff changes!!

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We have some big changes in store!!

So first we are happy to announce ICYBLUE as a new HOT TOPICS contributor!!

Secondly, Poohdent has had to step down as permanent co-host of the show and will now be a contributor.

Thirdly, we have a super special new co host announcement on the show this week!!! So tune in to see who it is! :D

Fourthly, we are decked out for FALL in our new November set!!

And last but NOT LEAST!! Comment bellow for your chance to win a HOST Flickering Pumpkin - Indigo on this week's show!


This is a new segment where each week when we post the giveaway, we will be posting a topic that you can reply to the thread with your opinion!! We will be reading as many as possible during the HOT TOPICS segment!

THIS WEEK'S TOPICS: CONTEST RESULTS - Are you happy with the contest results? Do you think they are fair? Let us know below! :D
Cya this weekend!! :D


  • The set is beautiful! Great job decorating!
  • Woot! I love the new set and the changes look awesome!
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  • Wow! The set keeps getting better! @CandyCars
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    Entries still open!! :D Don't forget to voice your VIEW about this week's topics for a chance to be featured on this week's show!!
  • The set looks amazing! Very nice job decorating!
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  • oh wow!!!!  love the november set!!! love love love it!!!!!!


    oh his hair... if I could only touch his hair
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  • Hey nice giveaway, love the new set too bro. welcome aboard icyblue!

    title: JungleAnimal
    GL everyone
  • HI HI GUYS!!!  WOW welcome to the team IcyBlue can't wait to see your Hot Topics!!!!  Congratulations to the previous Giveaway Winner!!!!

    I think this is the first giveaway I've ever entered! YAY
    My title is: Marzipan

    GOOD LUCK!!!
    I am a total mystery girl!
    Never without my magnifying glass <3
    Thanks to @bluewiz for this amazing Secret Santa Christmas present!!
  • Entries closed! Winner will be announced soon!! :D
  • good luck on your show @CandyCars!!!
  • NOTICE: Video is having an error where it won't play the first big hot topics segment.. :( Trying to figure out how to fix it :(
  • thanks for the update @CandyCars!  
  • dazzlerdream said:

    thanks for the update @CandyCars!  

    We are still trying to fix the problem. What happened is we filmed our big HOT TOPICS in 3 separate segments. However, something is wrong with the first. If we cannot fix it by tonight we will just post the second half, and I can re make the announcement we made on this post. Thanks everyone for your patience! :)
  • No problem @CandyCars any time is awesome I love your shows!
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  • Episode is up now :D
  • Woot thanks @CandyCars i'll go check it out!
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