Hi Everyone, Today's Poll Question is about the missing Chess Piece!! Vote Now!! (:
The Missing Chess Piece
  1. Is it...
    1. A clue to The Formula
    2. The Formula
    3. Nothing to do with The Formula

iminute vfk
thanks for this taco!! :D


  • im stuck on 6  where you have to put the books on the shelf!
    "I'm not great with advice, may I offer a sarcastic comment instead?"
  • You have to  put them on the shelf by the ladder @frogiepower
    Hope this helps! (:

    iminute vfk
    thanks for this taco!! :D
  • yea!  i think it has something to do with the formula!

  • I voted option 1. :'D

    FANTASTIC! Thanks Taco!!

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  • Woo woo Love polls!  Just wondering @iMinute, as official Poll Creator, do you gather results from all polls, or just official ones?

    (still love the teddy in your profile picture <3) 
  • Nice Poll That is a VERY good quesiton!
    ~~~~~~~neonheartssignature02~~ ~~~~~
  • All polls :) @SkyLamb And thanks guys!!!!! Woo!!!

    iminute vfk
    thanks for this taco!! :D
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