Gold stamp collection ideas

Hi Everyone! Admittedly I haven't played much over the past few years but it appears that the gold stamp releases has slowed down quite a bit and I never stopped my membership and have accumulated stamps. 

I would love to see new themed releases come back every month or too so we can use up our extra gold stamps so I am making this thread for anyone to suggest ideas on! 

Here are a couple ideas I have!
one would be a Flamingo themed month with a flamingo outfit, lamps, planters and decor! 
another is new pets like Cockatiels, turtles and other breeds of dogs
I joined VFK on September 22nd 2013 <3 


  • I’m all for more gold stamp releases. I do think vfk should make more gold stamp items, perhaps expensive gold stamp items to cash in on too (because a lot of people save up stamps). It seems antique is really only the big event to release lots of new gold stamp items
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