(Idea) Quake Renovation

Hi VFK,  

Just sharing this in case the staff like this idea : ) 

I have been anticipating the quake renovation for years... I've always loved the Rainforest Cafe vibe in the renovated interior & love what VFK did with the exterior... it looks AMAZING!  LOVE the rainforest look to tie into the interior.

I am not trying to be rude in any way or take away from the amazing work that VFK has done. I love the work that was done on the exterior....it is perfect.  I just wanted to suggest one more element.

When I used to visit Rainforest cafe growing up, my favorite element of the exterior was seeing the giant animal head sign... it was view able from a far distance, and always caught my eye...it made me get so excited to see what awaited inside.  

I made a quick little photoshop edit showing how it could look on the new Quake design. I think it adds a lot of color,and makes the space look very inviting/adds a bit of character to the already amazing quake renovation.  I moved the Quake text down a bit (along the cross of the two pillars), and put the animal heads where the quake text currently is, then added more lush green leaves hanging over the quake sign.

I doubt the room will get updated again, but I saw some people suggesting adding fish in the pond, so maybe adding the animal heads would be cool too since VFK has the 3D models of all these animals sculpted already... it might be do able?  Let me know what you all think.  The room looks amazing regardless of any further enhancements... but I thought Id share this idea in case the staff like it : )

Maybe VFK did not want to copy Rainforest cafe completely.. that is fine.  I just thought it might be fun and add a pop of color to the exterior.  I figured the inside was inspired by rainforest cafe, so why not tie that into the exterior too : )



  • @VFK_MINTIE @VFK_Enigma If you like this idea, just thought it would be a cool element to add to the bbeautiful new quake room : )
  • Neat colorful addition if its added, will add more color to the current palette. Also, love the renovated room! Room looks way bigger and more divided with more areas to see such as the waterfall and the pond! Great job devs!

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