Winter Wonderland-sized Abyss Room

Winter Wonderland

I love the Winter Wonderland-sized room. It's huge without being as big as the Football Field. I want to build many rooms in this that wouldn't fit in the Grand Garden size of room. My only issue though is the room shape. There are a lot of unwalkable barriers to the room that make building around harder. Recently I had to use what felt like a hundred trees to cover up the "dead space" in the room to make a spring room.

I'd really like an Abyss room the size of this space. No barriers, no nothing, just a blank slate. We could call it the "Abyssal Wonderland" to hint to people know it's the size of the Winter Wonderland room. (I feel like the other Abyss rooms really need renaming/rearranging by size to make it clear which room is what size, but that's another matter)

Make it happen please, VFK, and I'd be a very happy building rabbit. ^^


  • YES! 

    We need Abyss rooms in more large-scale sizes WITHOUT the barriers that the large rooms have, or too much scrolling to be able to see the whole room. (still waiting for a gargantuan, giant, grand sized Abyss!) A white Abyss room could be kinda fun too!

    The Abyss rooms could really do with some sort of renaming because I never know which abyss room I'm about to enter.. O_O

  • I even dreamed of room grids we could drop on top of art or Photo's - Enigma Explained the size of your character is the scale of the room - Our Log in is Full Scale then there's 1/2 scale and that's 1/4 Scale - So if we Established a grid that we could drop on anything we could bring in a whole new level of cool 
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