puzzle pieces locations

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Can someone please post where all the puzzle pieces are? or at least where piece # I is? Thank you!
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  • Would really appreciate any help anyone has.
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  • Puzzle pieces room list:

    Japanese Dragon Sanctum (Merlin Square)
    Green Dragon Tavern
    Buzz Burger
    Aquatic Center Exterior
    Hotel Outside
    Victorian house
    Quake Jungle
    Ice Rink
    Waylee Trader
    Polar Cafe
    Ned Kelly's

    Snow Globe
    Clock Tower
    Ship in the Bottle


    After you place the pieces in order in your room say:
    I've solved the puzzle!

    Then go to Zoo Bird House Area 1 (Aviary)

    Then say:

    Good Luck
  • Thank you PunkRockUniverse!!! :)
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