Looking for Christmas 2022 Pyjamas / and help with my mistake on Christmas gifts.

edited December 2022 in VFK Trading Post
Looking for Christmas 2022 Pyjamas:

x1 Black (Girls)
x1 Indigo (Boys)
x1 Forest (Boys)
x1 Plaid Red (Boys)

I have the following extras to trade:

Blue (Girls)
Pink (Girls)
Purple (Girls)
Polar (Girls)
Forest (Girls)
Plaid Red (Girls)
Plaid White and Red (Girls)

Black (Boys)
Blue (Boys)
Purple (Boys)
x2 Snow (Boys)
Plaid White and Red (Boys)

I goofed and picked out x6 medium teal bears in the Christmas gifts.  I should have picked x3 medium and x3 larges.  If anyone has any spare large teal bears they can swap for the medium, I would appreciate it.


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