My 2 cents on contests

I'd really like to see VFK switch to just 2 contests per year. IMHO it has gotten to be too much. I think if they did rotating contests it would be better. To be honest, again in my opinion, the contests have lost their appeal because its just too much! 
How about one year they do Garden and Halloween and the next Sand Castle and Christmas?
I have started to sit out contests because - again its too much! I decided this year to just enjoy Halloween on VFK without the stress of trying to get a room done and keep up with everything else. 
Too much of a good thing is just too much. They aren't even special anymore. And look at the lists, even the participants are clones of the same people. Can we thinnk of something new?! or just less to do! Do we have to be busy every minute? I enjoy tinkering in my rooms and chit chatting with friends. Maybe some long term quests that we can all work on at our own pace.
If its a matter of making sure there are things for players to do that do not need to involve staff directly, well I am SURE this community can brain storm some new things. 
Yes, its true - there is always the option to sit out - but then you feel like you missed out in a way. Everyone wants to participate. 

My 2 cents anyway.


  • It has gotten overwhelming, I have sat out on all but one in the last two years! But there are people who do enjoy them still!
    I joined VFK on September 22nd 2013 <3 
  • Sometimes I don't always feel motivated to build and have sat competitions out, but I don't think that should take away from people who still want to and enjoy building, even if I miss out. I'm a competitive person and they have already removed racing which I enjoyed. I hope they don't decide to remove half the competitions too. Tasks, Quests, Splashing in Puddles/Tombs etc, get repetitive and boring.

    If anything, I suggest that VFK change up competitions similarly to how the Garden Competition was a Story Competition this year. Maybe give us fun/unique themes we have to stick to or criteria in which we have to be creative in, to make it more competitive and challenging. I feel that would inspire and motivate people to build without it feeling like a drag.
  • I love to see a contest where you would have to incorporate a specific item or build in a certain size room. Like having a contest but your entry can only be a certain size or you only have X amount of days to finish the entry. 
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