Re-think the contest points

I get very bad rooms when judging,   however all rooms get basically the same amount of contest points.   So today,  I got a room with 10 piles of medieval dirt,  an anniversary cupcake,  and a castle turret top.   Not only did it not meet any of the requirements for a HALLOWEEN RIDE contest,   it didnt meet standards for anything.   But that room will get the same amount of contest points to spend in the shop.   I think that if any room gets less than 4 stars out of the 25,   no points should be awarded for that judging.   If people actually had to make a room to get the contest points,  we would not have to sit though looking at piles of dirt,  easter eggs,  and a stack of sand pieces.   


  • You can submit no points for the room you're in.. I've done that several times when I've gotten rooms filled with junk. Just don't fill out any of the stars and hit submit. I don't think people should skip out getting points if they have less then four stars, especially since people can have varying opinions on the same room.. one person may rate the room as a three star, another as a four. That being said I hate getting the rooms with junk/storage rooms or something that has nothing to do with the theme of the contest as well. People should put at least a little thought into the room.
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  • Contest points 100% need to be re-evaluated. You would think the better you do the more points you get, but we all effectively get the same point totals wether you're in first or just a clone room of junk (At least not a big enough of a difference to make first place for contest points worth it). Maybe the difference between contest points awarded for 1-2-3-4 and 5 stars needs to be greater.
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