Looking for Costumes

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-Space merchant galatic costumes (boy & girl: blue, gold, green, purple.. boy only: red, indigo, orange)
-Blue Alice dress
-Pink Alice dress
-Corpse Bride 
-Nightmare Before Christmas
-Old Disney Costumes (not sure entirely what's out there)
-Buzz Lightyear
-Hotel Bell hop
-Work Boots
-Patterns for Mario 
-Patterns for Harry Potter 
-Patterns for Halloween tees
-Water Sprite girl
-Boy Bethlehem fairy golden
-Boy pyjamas (red and/or yellow)
-All Star Wars costumes (except Stormtrooper)
-Teen Titans
-Pokémon costumes
-Zelda costumes
-Yellow Clown 
-Teal Rain Coat outfit
-Pharaoh (old)
-Swamp Monster
-Greek god and goddess
-Flynn Rider from Tangled
-Ring Master


  • Hey LeeFae! Do you have a trade list anywhere? I have a ton of the halloween costumes :)

  • edited November 13
    Do you have the pumpkin magic? I have several costumes in your list.
  • I.Am.Chalk I will look into making a trade list for you, are you after other clothing items?

    Princess I will IM you :)
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