Writeable Plaque

I had this idea under my hat for a while but never got around to writing it until seeing the new Board Feature. My idea was/is similar to that, in a sense.

My idea is for a set of rectangular vertical, horizontal, and tilted plaques, close to the sizes of a Cookie or a Painting perhaps; there is no written text on the surface but if you click it, a user-written message pops up to "read" the plaque. A little bit like the new board feature only with a larger scrollable text field and no text on the "board" itself. It saves space in the room while still allowing for long messages, and not having to make a permanent message via the gift shop's greeting cards.
It can be used for museum/gallery purposes, listing a player game's rules, making lists, and more!

Visual Sample of General Appearance(Text not applicable):

Thanks for reading/supporting! If any clarification or rewriting is needed, lemme know. ^^


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