is anyone having issues logging in? or loading really slow?

Is anyone having issues logging in? or loading really slow?
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  • yes!  too many issues today.  Hope VFK can fix it soon, but it has been many hours now with issues of trying to log on or loading extremely slow.

  • Many issues. Got on for about 15 minutes and now nothing. Sure hope they get things fixed!

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  • There is something very wrong with the servers for certain. It could be from VFK's region or the server center. I have been having issues for 3 days now!

    I recommend NOT to do any room competition building until VFK has fully fixed the issue as when the servers go down, nothing is saved, so it will be a waste of time.

    But I wish VFK would had done some sort of announcement at least. There was a surprise server maintenance the other day but other than that.. clueless here. 
  • I agree with not doing any room building until this is resolved.. I left my room earlier and some of it was undone when I went back. Hopefully whatever's going on will be fixed soon.
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