Save Favorite Clothing

It would be nice if we could mark some clothes as Favorite so when we have to change into Weekend Wear for the bunnies, (to name one situation) we can go back and easily find what we were wearing.  Thanks for the consideration!


  • This is a fantastic idea!! I definitely have go-to clothing and it would be great to be able to get to them quickly
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  • I don't change clothes often because it can be a serious pain.  I've asked before for customizable 'clothing presets' we could use for whatever outfits we wear and like.  So we can switch back and forth.  You would save what you're wearing to a preset...which would remember your clothing 'combo'.  The switch back to your previous 'outfit' in the future.  One game I played not long ago had around 10 presets you could load up with whatever outfit you were wearing.  10 separate outfit combinations, chosen by you.  That way, you wouldn't have to sift through a crazy amount of clothes to get back a look you liked...but which you've forgotten the clothing 'combo'.  Especially helpful with wearing dragon clothes to ride with the phoenix or with the dragons (instead of using fairy as a 'short cut' to mount those dragons).  And -especially- helpful for those of us who have -horses-...which require a specific set of clothing in order to mount/ride (which is why I've almost never ridden my horses). 

    Some of what we wear can be a very specific set of items.  It would be nice to 'store' that completed outfit to switch back to it without spending alot of time fussing around in our closet.  It was one thing I really enjoyed about that other game, and I think it would add to the fun at VFK.  Flame

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