Have you seen this monster?! (Blitz Hunt Staff)

If you haven't seen the new staff introduced for the Halloween Host Hunt Blitz I was lucky enough to get a picture of one of them. Say hello to VFK_Squint!

Such a cute fun surprise from VFK! I hear there is a Mummy too, haven't see him YET!

2021-27-10 20_32_42 PM Fonna
2021-27-10 20_32_13 PM Fonna


  • No, haven't seen VFK_Squint!  But I did see VFK_Mummy or was it VFK_Mummie?  I was so floored when he popped into the room I was in I was sort of like in shock!  Wish I had gotten a pic!!!  
    Thank you Fonna for sharing this!
  • Aww! Quick-thinking Fonna, ty for posting! I did see v f k_squint! I was surprised when he popped up in my room when I was watering my plants! He was so nice, the nicest zombie I've met! I did get to see mister mummie at closing party in colonial age. Both those times I forgot to take pictures!! X_X
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