Make Space Ride Supports Float-able

I've been afraid to ask this because it almost sounds "cheatsy" with how MAJORLY useful it would be (I've built rooms for over 30 contests, and this still feels like a BIG ask), but I will be forever grateful(for like, 5 eternities long, THAT grateful!) if the long-existing Space Ride support pieces can be made anti-gravity/floatable/fall-proof for building purposes.

Aesthetically it makes sense because they're "SPACE" Rides to be anti-grav, and functionally it will allow for MASSIVE leaps forward in building possibilities! Collapse-proof buildings and rides that can withstand the worst calamities to befall room builders!

Make it be! Revolutionize building forever! Please. xD


  • This would be AWESOME!!!
    There must always be blood, lots of blood!

    I'm a lttle teapot short and stout!
  • this is...a brilliant idea !!! omg.
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