some ideas

  • rain clouds !! also a rain sounds record and thunderstorm record
  • the ability to buy gold stamps with credits (pretty please)
  • sprinklers to water our plants 
so..idk if the sprinkler thing could even work..but it could be something we buy and come in different designs (and maybe be animated).
then we could have something to buy to add to it (like water or something..idk :Pi ) and it could be that one purchase will water one plant for one day..
so let's say you have 3 plants you want to water for 7 days and one purchase of water = watering one plant, then you'd buy 21 waters and add them to the sprinkler. or maybe it could be something that's an option in each individual planting maybe add a button called 'sprinkler' and we can add the waters to that. (but still have to buy a sprinkler bc that'd be fun)
is this making sense? lol.. xD

art gallery 2
"All he wanted was a hug and Piper set him on fire" - VFK_Vintage
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