Racing Concern!!

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Good evening everyone. Happy Racing Week!

Racing has always been one of my favorite things on VFK, however, there is a big concern with the racing events which needs to addressed. Please staff, put a limit on IP addresses. I really don't see the fairness in 1 person taking up 15-16 spots on the top 30 list. Not only is this unfair but it discourages others. 

So many people have told me there is no longer joy in racing or point in even trying, when they know someone is gonna take over the entire list. This should be a fun event, yet it does not feel like it anymore. There is no fun, when one person is almost winning the entire thing.

I urge staff to please do something about this situation, so everyone can take part in racing. 



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    Hey guys just thought I'd shed a little light on this, while i never make the homepage I have been a round for a few races and I know that the outfits, trophies and so on are given to people in a particular time level and not actually number base.  So technically 100 people could race and if they all got the same time they would ALL be given the first/second/third place prize.

    Some people might want to hate on people when they think they are clones, I've had my fair share of haters in life so maybe I understand more than others.  But I honestly think extra characters are just fine, who knows in some cases they are actually family members, like me and my cousin play.  But back to racing, in this case I don't see a reason to limit it since it doesn't matter how many people race/place, all you have to do is make the cut.

    Now I understand when it is actually number based and people will get kicked off the board if it gets filled and yeah that sticks and I don't support others trying to muscle in and take over something like that.  If the racing worked like that, I would be 100% behind limiting it in some way, like IP, that is one way to fix it and its a good solution!  And I would want myself to be kicked out of something if I tried to take advantage to the point where others suffered for it.

    So hang loose, enjoy racing and try to make the time which lets you place!  Good luck to all, I hope this helps those who were confused about how the racing worked and let fellow racers know that you CAN win and you can make the board just based on how good you are no matter how many other racers are out there.

    Cool just got cooler!
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    I completely agree with you Be. Clones taking over the board is one reason why I stopped racing. It's one thing to want extra prizes but the racing prizes are not tradable so there's really no point for 1 player to have 10 clones on the board. It's clear that certain people do not understand how placement during racing works. Maybe they're new to VFK or completely blinded by what's actually going on in the community. Multiple players have felt this way over the years and are just too scared to speak up so shoutout to you for standing up for something. 

    Ultimately it's up to staff to make that change but due to tradition we will probably just see the same thing reoccur over and over. 
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