Trading Antique Painting

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Christmas Painting - Father Christmas - Antique

I am thinking about trading the painting but I have no idea what im looking for since I haven't played in years so I am not sure what items I have missed. Right now I am just taking offers.


  • Well, I have the Antique Miniature Hotel and a pair of boys Father Christmas Boots from this weekend's Antique events.  From past Antique events I have the Antique "Aviator Hat and Goggles".  Also the "Trunk and Book" Antique. I could also add credits.
  • @Kyna Do you have any idea what the painting is worth? 
  • But i think i remember somebody offering it for "hair".

  • which is kinda crazy.  But I guess the hair was more important to her.  Everybody's mileage varies though.

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