Trading 4 mission space bottles

Looking for some old host items and antiques. Please message me if interested in working out a trade!


  • arent these like 5k 
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    Sorry I'll consult with you next time if I need a value and your approval on something before trading, my bad! :)

    Can you link me to Quick's furniture value guide too pls

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    its literally from space pirates you get it like 30% of the  time you play for free lol  

    Just trying to help people not get  scammed :)
  • Next time don't assume I was only offering space bottles in the trade. I don't scam and you've traded me on numerous occasions so stop trying to cause drama and hop off my thread pls :) Also why don't you @ the person next time if you gonna post screenshots Lol
  • what do you value the bottles at, and are they the bulk of your offer or an add on? what else does your offer entail
  • @dustbunniy are you interested in the bottles? PM me
  • its almost as if some ppl dont spend their entire life on this game and are perfectly fluent in values..LOL

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    Preach LOL and get their whole group to like their post like I’m gonna be all sad or something

    Bottles still for trade btw. Lmk your wants. I got antiques, ice cream, and q magic for trade as well
  • poor andy are u gonna cry ;( 
  • BRB crying. Pm me for bottles
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