Trading the following...

So, I have come back to playing after a long time, and have a lot I could trade. I'm not sure what the value is, so if you are interested, please be fair with your offer, offer something you believe is the same value. I am also looking for Candy from Some from 2017, and all of 2018, 2019. Anyways, just let me know. Thanks!


2x Ghost pirate crew-green (boy and girl) full costume
1x Ghost pirate captain 2011 -girl (top, shoes, pants)
1x cave girl costume -blue-
1x caveman costume -brown-
1x caveman costume -orange-
2012 New Years glasses (red, blue, purple, black) 1x of each
2012 New Years Tiara (red, blue, black) 1x of each
2012 New Years party hats (red, blue, silver) 1x of each
Glow necklace 2012 (blue x2, red x2, purple x1, rainbow, x1)
Glow glasses 2012 -blue-
2012 VFK cheerleader outfit (full outfit)
hula grass skirt
2012 fourth of july sparklers (blue, red)
2012 fourth of july holding flag
2012 fourth of july glasses
patriotic lei
cute bee costume
Robin hood outlaw girl (x3) boy (x1)
Anime Sailor costume girl x1
Poisoned apple princess costume, x5
Poisoned apple princess costume, rose red, x2
Imperial Soldier boy costume x3
Racoon outfit, girl, x3
Fox outfit, girl, x3
Desert Gremlin costume, brown one, boy, x3
Desert gremlin costume blue (just hood and bottom) x2
Feline Villianess costume x2
2013 sparkler hat (purple, green x2)
2013 holdable sparkler (purple, green x2)
2013 girl fourth of july ball gown (x1)
Cozy blankets girl (sky blue, pink, snow mountain, fall meadow, crazy quilt, red) x2
Cozy blankets boy (snow mountain, sky blue, red, crazy quilt) x1 of each
Christmas light necklace (red, white, red & green)
Cheer leader sleeveless shirt 2014 x1
Cheer leader long sleeve shirt 2014 x1
Cheer leader pom poms 2014 x1
Hearts n frost princess outfit x1
Hearts n frost Queen coronation outfit x1
Hearts n frost ice queen x3
Hearts n frost traveling princess x2
2014 sparkler fourth of july hat (red, white, and blue, white) x1
2014 sparkler holdable (red, white, and blue, and white) x1

Not sure if these are tradeable, but i'll list them just in case.

sheep dynasty beard (II, III, IV) x2
sheep dynasty hair (I, I III, IV) x2
sheep dynasty glasses x2

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