So, like a lot of people I've been playing rounds of checkers for the candy corn. And while doing so I remembered why I -rarely- play checkers, LOL. These are just a few suggestions that would make the game a LOT more appealing, in my opinion:

1. Exiting a game -- right now every time you click on a square of the board, it asks if you want to leave the game. This gets annoying, if you keep missing clicking on your piece!!! Maybe instead, if you're in a game and want to exit, just click anywhere OUTSIDE the board, on the floor.

2. Animations. I think most people would agree that the animations are cool, but at the end of a game, if there are a lot of pieces left, they all sink down one by one... sometimes this can take a WHILE. It would save so much more time to just have them all sink down at once and ready for a new game.

3. The tile paths. This one is kinda petty but when you click on the chair to start a game it makes you turn around and walk down the designated red or blue tiles leading up to the chair. Can we just like, click on the chair and sit in it? LOL

So yeah the basic point of these suggestions is to just speed the game up and make it more fun and user-friendly instead of something that's seen as a chore. Like I said above, I literally don't play checkers except when it's required for a task or for the candy corn, because it's "sluggish". If the games could go faster it would be much more appealing!!!  Anyone else with me on this? XD

IMG_1105 Black Parade Skull Art


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