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I think it would save a lot of time and make it a lot easier if a "tasks" tab was added under the menu button, where you can view all the tasks you've already started, rather than going back to the boards to check them all. It drives me a little bit nuts trying to remember what I've started and going back to the board repeatedly just to make sure I've started it before doing stuff, lol. I've lost track of how many times I've gotten frustrated because I did all the required things for the task, only to find out I never started it in the first place!! 

EDIT:::::::: To FURTHER stress this point, I just wasted my time playing six games of checkers on two people for the candy corn Esmerelda task, and when I went to turn it in at the board, realized I hadn't even started the task on EITHER of them... I sent help reports on both, and I hope they will count the games, otherwise I might just not finish the tasks because I'm not doing those six games again.

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    IMG_1105 Black Parade Skull Art
  • Starting tasks can be a headache of massive proportions.  I think it would make a players life easier and free up staff from help reports if the tasks were triggered by merely viewing them the first time.  And then then you have to go back to the boards to check that task off.  It should be automatic, and I have noticed more 'alerts' while doing some tasks that tell you to go check your status.  Still, the Halloween Shop can be packed, and I had a few instances tonight where I couldn't get out of the door.  And if I did, I'd be behind someone at the entrance who wouldn't move.  If I moved in any direction, it threw me back into the Halloween Shop.  Yes, I know I can just hit the map.  Yes, I know I can use fairy and fly over and around them.

    But seriously.  And I'll remind you of how I feel regarding the 'invisible Way Out' markers.  12 years ago, I wasn't happy with those, and my opinion has not changed.  Mark the exits please so we can see them (especially in darker rooms).  Game can be hard enough without added headaches. 

    2 cents, and not bashing VFK or anything.  There's just alot of things that could be streamlined (and may already be streamlined in VFK 2.0) to make the game flow more smoothlly.  Thanks for all you do, staff.  I know Halloween must be crazy insane busy for you folks during this time.  We appreciate you.


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