Thank you for all our new stuff. I have a few ideas. I would love to see some new items to go into our new Country Farmhouse rooms.. It would be fun to have a riding lawn mower we can sit on, a tool box, a hoe and leaf rake, a regular mail box on a post with a red flag. For inside I would love some new furniture  such as a sectional sofa, a cabinet tv. book cases with books, an ironing board and an iron. A white
gas stove with four burners, a microwave, a washing machine and dryer, a curio cabinet with stuff in it, A FRAME SWING SET!!!! one we can  sit on, turtle sand box, tv antenna for outside.  book case bed with dressers, or even a iron bed. a refrigerator of that time period that is the rounded top  maybe blue or white. maybe a old timey chifferobe , a night stand that holds a bowl and pitcher. a silver tea set.    a four post bed,  BIG oval braid rug. a wheel borrow that stand up right, a aluminum boat on a trailer. a black dial telephone that hangs on the wall or desk kind. HAHA and if you want to get very creative... we need a bathroom... with sink tub and toilet???  JUST KIDDING.  honest JK.   LOVING VFK.   THANKS AGAIN FOR ALL THE STUFF WE HAVE.

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