Halloween Spirit Week

@Beintehaa @HatterX Came up with the idea for the two weeks leading up to Halloween day, doing a group dress up. Every day would have a different theme and you would dress up according to what the theme is. 


  • Lol just realized you tagged my old title, no worries tho!

    Can’t wait for the spirit week. It use to be a lot of fun when we did it in school. It’s gonna be exciting to try it out on VFK this year. We have so many clothes and costumes, so it’s gonna be fun!

    Some of the themes we could do (just brainstorming): VFK Age Day, Staff/Host Day, Animal Day, Tacky Day, Twin Day, Disney Prince/Princess Day (like you’ve mentioned), Superhero Day.

  • (Some brainstorming) we could do vfk age themes, like medieval, colonial, western, fairy..things of that nature. Since we talked about having it a total of 14 days.

    I so can't wait for spirit week!! Its going to be so much fun.
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    missclue didn't show me your new title. I think we could have vfk age day, staff/host day, animal day, tacky day, twin day, disney day, superhero day. In addition to those suggestions I like to toss in pajama day, team spirit day, ( foot ball teams/hockey teams/any other sports teams vfk might have ) Holiday ( lol dressing as various holidays maybe this would be the last one ) opposite day ( this could apply to our vfk titles ) membership day XD
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