Need items for anniversary tasks

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I no longer need items. was able to get them from a friend.

I need to borrow a few items for the anniversary tasks I don't want to keep the items which is why I'd like to borrow them.
 I normally don't like to borrow in either direction unless both sides temporary give an item this way if one side gets dc or can't get back on vfk (for whatever reason) before they are done borrowing the item the other side has something in return until the other person comes back on (given something that has a similar value).

I need Twelfth Anniversary Game Shirt, Meteor Shower Enchantment and Confetti Enchantment.

I have: 
candy corn magics
pumpkin palooza magics
ionize magics
boo ghosts magics
candynado magics
heirloom seeds
various quest hats, tops and pants
various halloween contumes
2020 girls crossword outfits

Once I'm done using the items I'll give them back to you along with getting my items back, or if you'd prefer to do an actual trade I'm willing to do that if you don't want to borrow my items

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