Trading Confetti Tiger Hoodie

edited May 27 in VFK Trading Post
Im not sure what I am looking for I havent been on in a few years.

Im not needing any credits right now but I am mainly looking for clothes.


  • I  am willing to trade you 600k for it
  • @iamcat I dont need credits right now
  • Hi! Are you looking for any specific clothes? I have a variety listed over here: ;
    Let me know!
    If you'd like a signature similar to mine, please message me! I take requests!

  • I can do blue hippo or Candy Cane Hat or Snowman Hat if you would like
  • I can offer a blue lava lamp, original girls pirate bandana, or host sandbox for it! If you are looking for others things let me know :)
  • Are there any other host hats that you are looking for?
  • I can trade you a wizard school uniform pattern either eagledoor or snufflehuff. 
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