I feel I have to explain...

I don't know about you, but for me..I run a twenty year old pc, up till this past summer it has been really good and considering what I do on the pc, it's fine most times...I use to play ULTIMA ONLINE and your staff would know about this pc game...but VFK has changed things..Like the only reason I payed to play ultima was the fact that I had to, (recently they have changed their system to both pay accounts and free) so really, the only place I volunteer to pay to play IS VFK....but getting back to explaining my PC....my daily chores in VFK is watering and I have two rooms with over forty plants and to water both...it takes me a half hour....when I build rides or anything that takes lag, it will take me almost five minutes to place a piece cause the lag takes that long to settle before I get a true image of where the piece actually is...when I ride my own rides and take a buddy, they finish my ride, ten minutes or better, before me and they start after me, once I am half way through the ride..so when I do contest rooms with tall rides that require loads of pieces..I AM NOT KIDDING, when I say it took me all month to build those rooms...cause the lag!! So..SORRY, if I get upset when my efforts don't seem to appreciated when I get low scores..I didn't even hit the unique list..and from what I saw, there wasn't one ride nor rooms like mine...I will calm down...and right now my mind is doing I quit thing...but my heart is saying it won't..but dang...maybe I just won't bother putting myself through the stress ..ugh...sorry again....


  • The more you play VFK, the more you will get a feel of what you want to do. When I was very active, I planted 400 trees in the prehistoric football room - to gain a lot of credits. Took me half hour if I'm concentrated to water. If distracted, an hour back and forth, lol. Traded a lot. Participated in everything. It was an investment, things that I'm still using to trade for now when I'm not that active. And with the constant releases, it keeps me afloat in the trading market. After that, I just let the trees die and gave them to friends who wants dead trees. Down sized according to my activity. Formed new habits, adjusted to the constant flow and ever changing VFK world. I don't have a gaming computer but I keep it clean so I can run things smoothly.

    With building, I keep my rides short and sweet - better for people with short attention span or if I have another room. But my first ever ride room was long as well because still newbie. I get ideas from judging rooms when I was new then I just step it up a bit and add my own flair.

    I know it feels frustrating to not meet your goal but the feeling will pass and there will be another contest. Another moment to shine. Also I note to myself that I play for fun, not to drive myself crazy.

    I found this game because I want to entertain myself, the rest are just side prizes - friendships, staff and etc.

    When I found this game, I was just alone and that's okay because I didn't know its a socializing game. My first intent is to just play Miss Clue mystery games.

    So that's just my mindset. :D And its ok to vent out, it helps any human feel better!

    Also taking a break helps. :) Then you will miss playing again!

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  • Don't beat yourself up about venting. We have ALL been there (I go there regularly  :) ). You have the right to vent. It sounds very frustrating to have to work with a computer that is getting on in years. Its very hard not to let the competition get to you in the moment (believe me I know) but it passes.  I would be more than happy to help you if you need, as many people would I am sure.
  • Fonna..I am glad that so many would wish to help me find my style that is acceptable to others..:)
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