Please help! trying to get rid of stuff I don't want!

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I started a trade room awhile ago because I have TOO MUCH STUFF!!!!! Here is a pic of everything I have in the room. I also have a TON of Easter eggs from this year if you want them. Another thing that i would put outside for trade (but I can't cause I don't have room), are the colonial ship pieces. Stop by if you want any thing! I'm not looking for anything specific. Thanks!

 NOTE: I don't have anything halloween themed. So if you ask, I will just tell you no. i am also not a member.

This is an updated picture. The swing is on hold right now, and so are the stumps with the lamps on them. And the SMALL bee.  Everything else is trade able. The Blue owl thing came from the egg and is still for trade. 

Screenshot (6)


  • What would you like for small bee, swing, lamp on stumps,  and monkey?
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  • It doesn't really matter to me. Whatever you want to give me. My only preference is that it isn't Halloween themed. Also, sorry, i just saw this now!

  • Actually, I just remembered, the monkey is gone. Someone else already took it

  • getting off VFK for tonight, so if anyone says anything, I will not see it until tomorrow. But just send me a message for something you want so I can know ahead of time. Bye for now!
  • 50k for all?
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  • I'm back! stop by if you want anything! 

  • @dazzlej, Would "all" be the stump lamps, small bee, and swing? I just want to be clear since the monkey is no longer available. If so, that's fine, but I really don't need that much if you don't want to give that much to me.
  • Yes all means everything except for the monkey. Let me know when you'd like to meet.
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  • I will take whatever you have left how many credits would you want for the items you have left?
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