Kit's Trading Thread (antiques, costumes + other items)

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x1 spookerific hair - dark brown - girl
x2 spookerific hair -  dark blonde - girl
spookerific hair - platinum blonde - girl
x1 spookerific hair -  black - girl
x1 spookerific hair - pink - girl
x1 spookerific hair- ice blue - girl

x1 Inventor hair - strawberry blonde - girl

x2 spookerific hair - brown - boy
x1 spookerific hair - strawberry blonde - boy
x1 spookerific hair - red - boy
x1 spookerific hair - dark brown - boy

x1 crystal necklace 
x1 half moon satchel

x1 Yorick's Skull
x1 curious witch rug
x1 Dancing Ghost music box (* I just want to swap this for the other music box)

x1 mystic skull pin traded
x1 gingerbread man pin
x1 half moon pin

Other items

Clothes (girl and boy)







x1 Spooky Hearse
x1 Antique Witch Potion Stand
x1 Skeleton on a bike
x1 blue headdress
x1 Station Wagon (from Christmas antique 2018)
- Paintings, and other vehicles as well

- teepee collectible from 2015
- Autumn Leaf chairs from 2018
- credits (will not accept for antiques)
- boy devils costume

But i'm always interested in furni, and other clothing, so let me know what you're offering


For Zoee
- witches brew
purple "cat". "spider" and "ghost" and the green won with no logo on it 2012 logo tees


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    x4 Retroize - 120k
    x4 Tiki Fire - 120k
    x3 Bubbles - 90k
    x1 Bat Swarm - 30k
    x4 Gingerbread Mood - 120k
    x4 Kaleido - 120k
    x4 Adventure Balloon - 120k
    x6 Skull Fire - 180k
    x2 Skeleton - 60k
    x2 Pumpkin Palooza - 40k
    x3 Bethlehem - 90k
    x2 RangeWeed - 50k
    x2 Ooze - 50k
    x2 Carnival Lights - 60k


    Also interested in buying Jolly Roger pin, Skull Necklace, and Carved Pumpkin 2011 - Skull and Crossbones - Green, if you're accepting credits for them
  • @Tomorrow

    I can definitely do all the fx! and I am accepting credits for any item, except the antiques. :) I say around 25k for the pumpkin and at least 50k for the jolly roger pin? But i'm flexible (and you're way better at values then me lol)
  • I will pass on the Jolly Roger pin but the pumpkin sounds good!

    Also how much for the Skull Necklace and girl scarecrow gloves, 30k and 15k respectively?
  • @Tomorrow

    That sounds good!
  • Do you mind telling me the titles of these items? :)

  • @Zoee

    Coral carpet- purple
    witches brew
  • Pictures updated
  • I’m interested in Mystic skull pin, curious witch rug, and Yorick’s skull. I have boys devil costume. Lmk.

  • I'm only looking to trade antiques for antiques unless its a high valued offer, so I think I'm going to have to decline :)
  • I have teepee. 

    Would you consider mystic skull pin, half moon pin, gingerbread pin?

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    The mystic skull pin is traded (crossed out). But no, I don't think I would do both pins for just the teepee. Do you have something you could add on? I'm always looking for credits, furni and clothes, I just have no specific wants right now, but you're welcome to offer.
  • Do you have the makeup for the mime costume, and if so how many credits would you want for the full outfit?
    IMG_1105 Black Parade Skull Art
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    @Raven_Of_Asgard girl or boy? And do you want the hair as well? The hair and makeup are members so i'm not positive they would trade to non members. 
  • Girl, and yes, full costume with hair and makeup. I'm a member so that shouldn't be a problem xD
    IMG_1105 Black Parade Skull Art
  • @Raven_Of_Asgard Okay yes, I have the full girl costume, make up and hair. :) Since they're retired, i'm looking between 15-20k for them
  • Alrighty, is that per piece or for the full outfit?
    IMG_1105 Black Parade Skull Art
  • @Raven_Of_Asgard

    I was thinking for the entire costume
  • awesome, works for me, let me know when you want to meet :) also can I get the boy's mime outfit at the same time for that price as well?
    IMG_1105 Black Parade Skull Art
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