Trading Antiques New & Old (UPDATED)

Below are antiques I’m trading, and the antiques I'd like to swap for. All have different values, some old antiques I value higher than some of the newer ones so give me an offer (must include an antique I am missing or be an over offer.) Library bookcase is one I will not trade easy unless it's multiple antiques or the full maid outfit including duster.

Aniques I am trading in order from Oldest to Newest:
Antique Shop Tee-Shirt - Girl - Antique (The green one from 2017)
Library Bookcase - Antique (2017) **
Curious Explorer Rug - Round - Antique (2018)
Reanimated Grabbing Zombie Active Object - Antique (2018)
Present Painting Elf - Active Object - Antique (2018)
Magician Cup and Ball Table - Antique (2019)
Magician Trunk - Antique (2019)
Magic Act Hair - Teal - Girl - Antique (2019)
Magic Act Hair - Blonde - Girl - Antique (2019)
Magic Act Hair - Red - Girl - Antique (2019)
Half Moon Satchel - Antique (2019)
Half Moon Pin - Antique (2019)
Blood Candle Pin - Antique (2019)
Oujia Chair - Antique (2019)
Cute Dancing Candy Corn - Antique (2019)
Witch Potion Stand  - Antique (2019)
SpookerIfic Hair - Platinum Blonde - Antique (2019)

Antiques I need:
Fortune Teller
Moon Kitty Pin
Maid Outfit - Girl
Feather Duster
Victorian Presents
Victorian Christmas Tree
Painting - Winter Cabin 
Sewing Machine 
Ceramic Tree 
Carriable Rabbit in a Hat
Floating Magician Assistant 
Present Packing Elf
Princess Of Hearts Painting
Most Antiques from last 2 October events except: All Spookerific hairs, hoodies, Hanging Gold cage w/ blue orb, Witch rug (rectangle), Grasping Zombie, Purple donut, Trumpet, Owl candle, Violin, Flower Coffin


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