How Do You Play VFK on Apple Ipad

what do u need download be able play vfk on apple ipad????
is it same thing u need download .. to be able play on the tablet that not apple?
something that lets flashplayer work i think???
tatiana silverheart


  • Ok so I use the Puffin Browser App, and I have to use Epic Ages website to login. From there usually I have to use the Mouse/Keyboard feature in the app to type anything or like select anything (I mostly use it for trades when I'm not really super available to play but I want to get a trade done.) It has been complaining lately that they're "discontinuing the browser" and "not going to let you play with flash anymore" but I have still been able to use it. Hope this helps!


  • I have an iphone and I do the same thing as Honeybee. :)
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