Trading for Halloween Furni

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I'm trading a few items for Halloween furniture(antiques, host, old retired quests)
I'm willing to look at other offers besides Halloween furniture so let me know :)
*will be updating this later on with furniture I'm trading as well.*
items that have been traded already
x11 Father's Day 2009 Pin
x7 4th of July Independence Day 2009 Pin
x2 Groovy Lava Light Pin

- full green skeleton (girl)
- candle hat
- visor
- twin pine hat
- angel top, skirt, and shoes
- reindeer antlers
- antique magician gloves
- time lord scarf
- green tea party dress w/ apron
- orange tea party dress w/ apron 
- blue tea party dress w/apron and w/o apron 
-all summer of love membership outfits/hairs
-all safari membership outfits/hairs
-all astrology membership outfits/hairs
-red butterfly glasses(host from 2011)

pins 2

clothing 1


  • I have a bunch of halloween furni from the original years, I can show you in-game.

    Interested in:
    x11 Father's Day 2009 Pin
    x7 4th of July Independence Day 2009 Pin
    x2 Groovy Lava Light Pin

    IM me when you're online
  • I'm still looking through my stuff to see what I have but here is what i've found so far (If you'd like to see pictures of the item just lmk or I can show you in-game) Also im not a 100% sure where some of these are from

    - Ghost Town Pumpkin Water Tower
    - Halloween Plush Spider
    - Halloween Spider Skeleton Rug
    - Inflatable Pumpkin Tree
    - Rag Doll Scarecrow
    - Witch Cauldron- green
    - Skeleton Work Table
    - Skeleton Throne
    - Bone Fire Colum (x2)
    - Bone Fire Colum - Green (x2)
    - Bone Fire Colum - Bue (x2)
    - Halloween 2017 - Plush Pumpkin Tending Mansion Kitty
    - Halloween 2018 - Plush Ferocious Mansion Kitty
    - Halloween Skeleton Well
    - Floating Pumpkin Head Pin - Antique

  • What halloween stuff are you specifically looking for? I know you said host, quest, etc but that's a little vague xD
    IMG_1105 Black Parade Skull Art
  • @Raven_Of_Asgard I'm honestly really looking for anything that's Halloween themed - antiques, old maze prizes,  host prizes and collectibles mainly. Sorry it's not a detailed list lol I just started playing again after awhile and trying to get items I've missed. 
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    Alright lol, I'll have to take a look through my inventory xD do you remember (approximately) when you were gone? might help me narrow down what stuff you probably don't have :)
    IMG_1105 Black Parade Skull Art
  • @piglet I am interested in your twin pines hat. Can you narrow down what you might be looking for. SO much Halloween stuff from those 4 years!
  • @Fonna mainly just like HOST items that will not be back. I really don't have any specifics in mind. If you want to show me some of your items let me know and we can meet up on VFK. 
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    I'd be glad to but most is in storage so I am trying to figure out how/what you may be interested in. 

    Also are you interested in antiques? 
  • @Fonna Yes I'm really interested in antiques actually lol forgot to mention that
  • anything here?Untitled
  • I'm really interested in the pumpkins, mini haunted houses, carpets, basically everything lol let me know. not sure what that hat is valued at

  • Offer - all 3 flickering pumpkins? 

    Or all 3 mini houses plus the carriage?

  • yea I can do the flickering pumpkins
  • Works for me!
  • Where would you like to meet? I'm online right now but can meet you on the map
  • Sounds good

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