LOTS of Rare Stuff for Trade!

I am looking for:
- Antique paintings, other Antique Items (Haunted and Christmas), Ice Cream, Flickering Pumpkins, Contest Boutique Items, Dyer Mansion Room, other retired rooms, Ghost Clocks, and other old host.

I still have some old pins left over from my previous trade thread, just ask to see them. Tebow Jersey and beanie still available for the right offers.

Screenshot 2019-08-08 at 09.51.25
Screenshot 2019-08-08 at 09.54.54
Screenshot 2019-08-08 at 10.00.51
Screenshot 2019-08-08 at 10.01.12
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Screenshot 2019-08-08 at 10.02.39

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  • -is looking for flickering pumpkins and is trading flickering pumpkins-

    I'm interested in your sand castle turrets. Not the tops... 

    I have:
    1x each dancing couple
    2x snow mound chairs

    1x 2009 HOP

    Various retired rooms.

    Let me know if you're interested in anything :-)
  • Interested in: 
    Halloween 2010 logo tee- green - pumpkin- boy
    Halloween shirt - purple - cat- boy
    Halloween shirt - purple - spooky pumpkin- boy
    Halloween shirt - purple - candy corn- boy
    Halloween shirt - green - candy corn - boy
    Halloween shirt - green - bat - boy
    astral magic

    I have:
    * Rad's Radical Surf Shack
    * Rad's Bodacious Bungalow
    * Olympian Temple
    * Frozen Waterfall room
    Contest Boutique:
    * All of the dancing couples

  • @Bellatrix Lol ikr...if it aint the truth tho.  Can you do all 4 of the dancing people for a turret? Do you have the Dyer mansion or Vampire room by any chance?

    Only thing I would prob need is the dancing couples.  What do you value them at in relation to my shirts/magics? Is that all you've got from my wants?
  • Adding Ghost Dragon Parlor room to my wants...
  • edited August 2019
    Curious Ornate Rug
    Cute Dancing Christmas Eggnog
    Haunted Toxic Coffin
    Laughing Skeleton

    -Contest Boutique-
    100k+ Contest Point Shopping Spree
    Eyeball Hat
    Halloween Inflatable Pumpkin Stack
    Sea Monster - Head
    Sea Monster - Middle
    Sea Monster - Tail
    Spooky Frog Fountain
    Undead Dancing Couple - Ghost

    Black Flickering Vampire Pumpkin
    Magenta Flickering Glowing Ghost Pumpkin
    Teal Flickering Glowing Ghost Pumpkin

    Dyer Mansion Room Set (Gold Stamp)
    Ghost Dragon Parlor Room (Membership)
    Olympian Temple (Competition Prize)
    Rad's Bodacious Bungalow (HOST Hunt)
    Secret Garden (Collectible)
    Victorian Wintery Front Yard (2009 Membership)

    Interested in:
    Garden Fish Statue**
    Halloween Hay Wagon
    Pisces Ascending Statue**
    Stained Glass Leaf Lamp
    Victorian Ghost Clock**

    *** indicates my priority level, more stars higher priority
  • @Tomorrow

    Interested in the Skeleton Ghost Rodent, Undead Dancing Couple - Ghost, Dancing Eggnog (maybe), laughing skeleton (Maybe), Haunted toxic coffin (maybe), Dyer Mansion Room Set, Ghost Dragon Parlor Room, All pumpkins.

    Also, I'd like to see the other contest boutique items because I don't think I've ever seen it before.

    Trading everything besides the clock for the right offer.
  • Update:

    - x10 Sunday Racing pins are gone!
    - 5* Candynado FX is gone!

    No longer need:
    - Ghost Dragon Parlor Room

  • Updated my post as well for your reference, thanks for the trade
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