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Ice cart/parfait
Current word search lamp (giraffe something)
Flower tables
Valentine's 2009 plush bear
Valentine's 2009 tables
Animal topiarys (from any maze)
Ghost clock
Bunny chairs

Uncle Sam hat
Angel shoes
Green skeleton outfit
White skeleton outfit
Mummy pants/mask
Xmas 2010 headband - blue
New Year 2009 shoes - pink
Pirate 2009 white bandana
Pirate 2008 outfit (top/pants/boots/red bandana)
Time lord scarf
Queen of Hearts game outfit set
Retro rider set (black and red)
Original midsummer outfits (blue/green)
Xmas 2016 outfits (all but blue)
Midsummer 2010 shoes - green/pink/purple
Xmas 2010 outfits - blue/purple/green

Host Hats/Clothing:
Snow shoes
Sun visor
Wizard hat
Pink valentine
Twin pine
Xmas tree hat
Original reindeer antlers
Rudolph reindeer antlers
White reindeer antlers
Original leprechaun hat

Halloween 2008 x14
Veteran 2008 x14
Fourth of July 2008 x15
Columbus Day 2008 x15
Valentine 2009 x3
St. Patrick 2009 x8
Mothers Day 2009 x12
Memorial 2009 x2
4th of July 2009 x4
Thanksgiving 2009 x10
Veteran's Day 2010 x13
Easter 2011 x5
Fathers 2012 x14
Challenge of the Bells 2018 x10
Mothers Day Gardenia Pin x6
Magician Pin - Antique x3
Raven Host Pin x15
Libra Astrology Pin x14

- Emerald q
- Ruby q
- Sapphire Wizard Fire x9
- Amethyst Wizard Fire x9
- Startastic Silver FX x6

I will keep updating this as my wants change.
Let me know wants below, or I can show offers. Thanks!
Last updated: 7/9/2019
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