Official Trading Thread

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Updated: June 16th,2019

Be sure to look at my official looking thread that can be found 

Please be aware that some of these items are quite dear to me so it will be hard for me to trade unless I believe the trade is something I will be happy with at the end of the day. A bunch of old items from almost 9-10 years ago.

Please NO credits

Let me know if you need a picture of the item listed! I will do my best to upload one as soon as possible!

Not in any particular order!
Please Ask if there's something you're looking for. There's a possibility I might have it

Picnic Bench With Tea Cups & Bench
Kettle Grill
Upright Grill
British Flag
Timber Well
American Flag
Full Crystal Snowman
Tiki Totem Fire
Tall Tiki Table & Top
Gumball Machine
Pulpit Rock
Autumn Leaf Divider
Snowy Bay Window
Crystal First Anniversary Globe
Ice Cream Cart
Chocolate Parfait
Strawberry Parfait
Red Beachball
Blue Surfboard
Pink Surfboard
Purple Surfboard
Green Surfboard
Victorian Ghost Clock
Candy Cane Pole
2008 Bucket Of Candy
Purple Bubbling Cauldron
Bob the Skeleton
Yucca Plant
Birch Tree
Autumn Hazel Tree
Ethereal Trunk
Phantom Flame
Century Plant
Wood Stump With Axe
Pink Lava Lamp
Blue Lava Lamp
Green Lava Lamp
Gold Lava Lamp
Balloon Flower Bouquet
Spring Bunny Flower
Large Spring Tree - Purple
Potted Broad Leaf Plant
Potted Round Leaf Plant
Potted Red Tree Plant
Potted Jungle Tree
Potted Flower Bush
Leaf Swirl - Birch
Leaf Swirl - Oak
Autumn Leaf Collection - Basket
Autumn Leaf Collection - Crate
Flower Tiki Planter
Grinning Tiki Planter
Broken Mine Cart - Gold
Broken Mine Cart - Coal
Olympic Flame
Hay Wagon
Broken Hay Wagon
Vintage Desk Fan
Spooky Hanging Lantern - Orange, Purple, Green
Beach Cooler - Blue
Packaged Hat Day Hat
Solar Snail Garden Light
2010 Garden Competition Judging Set - Yellow Hose, Green Wheelbarrow, Shovel in Dirt, Watering Can
Brown Bunny Chair
White Bunny Chair
Plush Arctic Giraffe 2011
Plush Arctic Giraffe 2011 - Laying
Astro Star Projector 
Elegant Graveyard Set
Tiki Lantern: Purple, Green, Red, Blue, Silver, Leaf Green, Pink, Orange, Yellow]
Pumpkin Scarecrow - Devil
Haunted Mansion Lamp - Spooky
Haunted Mansion Lounge - Spooky
Haunted Mansion Desk - Spooky
Haunted Mansion Chair - Spooky
Pumpkin Scarecrow - Witch
Skeleton Tombstone
Flower Counter Stool - Blue
Flower Counter Stool - Purple
Easter Bunny Ice Cream Chair
Chocolate Turtle
Chocolate Turtle - White
Spring Rose Chair
Racing Fire Wheel
Strawberry & Cream Carpet
Hanging Christmas Bells - Gold
Crossword Puzzle Duck
Crossword Flower & Bees
Fries Chair
Fries Rug
Plush Burger
Burger Rug
Plush Frog Prince
Plush Lady Bug
Golden Frog Statue - Unique
Host Limited Time Edition - Dolphin Towel
Plush Sea Turtle
Zebra Zemo
ABC Pencil Chair
Golden Lamby VFK Award
Collectible Pumpkin Scarecrow Farmer
Thanksgiving Harvest Scarecrow
Alien Lightning Stanchion - Original,  Blue, Red, Violet, Green, Orange, Indigo, Yellow
Turkey Pumpkin Totem
Haunted Halloween Tree
Golden Sundial
Game Bottles - Space Pirates, Fireworks, Checkers, Audubon, Laser Tag, Night Fighter [ Pink Wrath ], [Black Wrath]
Collectible Mother's Day Fountain
Playful Plush Pumpkin Kitties
Teddy Bear With Rain Coat & Hat
Fanciful Butterfly Chair
Fanciful Butterfly Table
Fanciful Butterfly Rug
3rd Anniversary Bear
EA Teddy Bear
Rad Bear
Nixie Bear
Butterfly Pedestal - Golden
Butterfly Pedestal - Titanium 

Hedge Animals & Stuff:
Hedge Couch
Hedge Dino
Hedge Rhino
Hedge Tiger
Hedge Camel
Hedge Snail
Hedge Monkey Tree
Hedge Velociraptor
Hedge Bunny 
Hedge Squirrel
Hedge Frog
Hedge Gate
Hedge Pink Rose Gate
Hedge Dolphin
Hedge Bird
Hedge Seahorse
Hedge Swan
Hedge Spiral 
Hedge Duck

Golden Items:
Golden Sheep
Golden Dino
Golden Cat
Golden Elephant
Golden Ostrich 
Golden Sea Monster 
Golden Giraffe
Golden Rhino
Golden Duck Large
Golden Duck Small
Golden Flamingo
Golden Bear
Golden Tiger
Golden Ladder

Packaged Member Items:
Boys Packaged LED Slippers - Blue, Green 
Girls Packaged LED Slippers - Purple, Red, Pink
Packaged LED Caps - Red, Blue, Green, Purple Black, White, Pink
Girls Packaged Gloves - Blue, Green, Red, Black, Teal, Orange, White, Pink
Boys Packaged Gloves - Red, Teal 
Girls Packaged Flippers - Red, Pink, Green, Purple, Black, Yellow, Brown, Light Blue, White
Boys Packaged Flippers - Blue, Black, Yellow

Packaged Carry Marshmallow - Blue Flame, Red Flame 

Packaged Director Chair - White
Packaged Director Chair - Black

Packaged Swimming Goggles, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, White, Yellow, Black

Snowman Table Lamp
Easter Cheep Lamp
Hanging Glass Pumpkin Lamp
Twisted Vine Lamp
Stalagmite Floor Lamp
Girl Water Sprite Lamp
Space Shuttle Lamp
Adventure Balloon Lamp - Red, Green, Yellow
Elegant Floor Lamp
Giraffe Lamp
Mimbre Liard Lamp
Autumn Blossom Lamp
Autumn Leaf Lamp
Ice Cube Lamp
Ice Flower Lamp
Tiered Ring Lamp
Rocketship Lamp
Queen Frog Lamp
Hamburger Lamp
Fries Lamp
Autumn Leaf Table Lamp
Saturn Lamp
Space Tower Lamp
Fire Flower Floor Lamp
Fire Flower Table Lamp
Life Guard Chair Lamp
Solar System Tube Lamp
Watering Can Lamp
Tri-Flower Floor Lamp

Sand Dollar & Ice Coin:
Ice Elephant - Small
Ice Elephant With Howdah
Ice Palm Tree
Ice Palm Tree Elegant
Velociraptor Ice Skeleton
Python Tree
Ancient Tiki Waterfall
Ancient Tiki Waterfall Arch
Light Duck

Teal Ice Cream Cart
Bird Cage
Wall Map - Small
World Map - Large
Curious Explorer Rug
Curious Explorer Rug - Round
Explorer Globe
Explorer Telescope
Explorer Side Table
Explorer Telephone
Explorer Chair with Books
Explorer Suitcase
Triceratops Skull
Floating Assistant
Magician Cup &Ball Table
Separate Lady 
Curious Stage Rug

Magician Gloves
Girls Magician Straitjacket
Boys Magician Straitjacket
Boys Magician Full Outfit

Girls Inventor Hair - Brown, Pink, Red, Strawberry Blonde
Girls Midnight Hair - Teal, Blonde, Strawberry Blonde, Platinum Blonde, Brown
Boys Inventor Hair - Blond
Boys Magic Act - Black, Blond, Brown, Platinum Blond, Blue, Purple
Girls Magic Act - Strawberry Blonde, Platinum Blonde

Card Trick Pin
Floating Pumpkin Head Pin
Fossil Head Pin

Levitation Magic

Galactic Outfit (Girls ) Purple
Girls Groovy Membership Items
Tiki Mask
2010 Flag Day Hat
Girls Ghost Pirate Crew - Green
Cave Girl Top & Shorts
Cave Girl - Blue Top & Skirt
Cave Girl - White Top & Skirt
Bat Hat
Girls Devil Costume
Eagle Feather Headdress
Leprechaun Hat 2018
Mine Hat
Washington Crossing Delaware Hat
Halloween Witch Game Hats - Orange, Black, Green
Full Girls Sharks VS Zombie Outfit
Boys Cone Hat
Girls Green Flip Flops
Girls Green Skeleton Top
Girls Blue Raincoat
Chocolate Chip Cookie Hat
Original Cowboy Hat - Red
Full Girls EA Outfit
Boys EA Outfit [no shoes]
Lady Clare Costume [no hair]
Full Tight Ropewalker Costume
Tall Striped Hat - Red
Tall Striped Hat - Green
Girls Full Bee Costume
Football Scarf - Black & Gold
Space Pirates Game Shirt [ girls ]
Laser Tag Game Shirt [ girls ]
2009 New Year Hat - Red, Blue, Black
Candy Corn Hat
Girls Turtle Tee
Boys Turtle Tee
Life Preserver Hat
Raggedy Ann Hair & Shoes
Girls Logo Tees - Running Man, Apple, Peppers
2011 Crossword Outfit [ boys ]
Wootsie Outfit[ girls ]
Alien Space Helmet
Ice Cream Cone Hat - Blueberry, Strawberry, Cherry, Wildberry
2018 Crossword Puzzle Hat
Coconut Lei

Hair Styles [all girls unless stated otherwise]
Summer of Love Hippie Hair
Summer of Love Groovy Hair - Dark Brown
Emerald Hair - Light
Emerald Hair - Dark
Dragon Hair - Blue
Dragon Hair - White
Dragon Hair - Golden Blonde
Dragon Hair - Bronze
Dragon Hair - Black Quartz 
Dragon Hai - Black Emerald
Land Mermaid Hair
Sunrise Land Mermaid Hair
Tiki Maiden Hair - Dark  Brown
Tiki Maiden Hair - Dark Blonde
Tiki Maiden Hair - Platinum Blonde
Tiki Maiden Hair - Light Red
Mountain Rider - Brown, Blonde, Crystal White, Black, Dark Red, Dark Blonde, Pink, Strawberry Blonde, 
Mountain Rider [long] - Mystic Blue, Waterfall Purple

Original 4th of July Pin
100th Day Celebration Pin
Founder's Pin
Australian Founder's Day Pin
Columbus Day Pin
Trick or Treat Pin 2008
Veteran's Reembrace Day Pin
Thanksgiving 2008 Pin
Christmas 2008
Pirate Space Game Pin
Fireworks Game Pin
Audubon Game Pin
Night Fighter Game Pin
Apple Host Pin
Michanical Spider Host Pin
Dancing Hippo Pin
Frog Pin
Sea Turtle Pin
Time Travel Pin
Modifier Pin - Sure - Fire Spark Plug
Phoenix Pin 
Dragon Castle Pin
Universe I - Space Nexus
Universere II - Energy Rings
Universe III - Sun & Moon
Lanyard of 2010 Easter Pins
Groovy Lava Lamp Pin
Shark VS Zombie Pin
Shark VS Zombie Tazznado Pin

5*:Pink Love
5*Blue Love
5*April Showers

1*Green Q Magic
1*Green Pumpkin 
1*Shooting Star
1*Red Pumpkin
1*Silver Lining
1*Fire Wings
1*Gust Ghost
1*Monkey Hoard
1*Twist and Shout
1*Star Pals

Seaside Beach Room
Seaside Moonlight Room
Magician Stage Room
Snowy Wonderland
Enchanted Snowy Outlook


  • Interested in your: 

    Hedge Swan 
    Card Trick Pin 
    Levitate magic 
    Star Pals magic 
    Phoenix Pin
    Dragon Castle Pin
    ice cart and ice parfaits 
    spring rose chair
    both butterfly pedestals

    From your looking for thread I have: 
    - golden crown -value at an ice 
    - omg trivia glasses- half an ice 
    - tiki tropics lei - half an ice
    - piggy snout - 250k
    - bat ears- 500k 
    I also have those costumes that you asked about on my thread as well ! 

    Let me know what we can work out! 
    - 2019 crossword outfit-girls 250k

  • sent you a PM
  • Zoee said:

    sent you a PM

    messaged back :)
    FracturedMemories said:

    Interested in your: 

    Hedge Swan 
    Card Trick Pin 
    Levitate magic 
    Star Pals magic 
    Phoenix Pin
    Dragon Castle Pin
    ice cart and ice parfaits 
    spring rose chair
    both butterfly pedestals

    From your looking for thread I have: 
    - golden crown -value at an ice 
    - omg trivia glasses- half an ice 
    - tiki tropics lei - half an ice
    - piggy snout - 250k
    - bat ears- 500k 
    I also have those costumes that you asked about on my thread as well ! 

    Let me know what we can work out! 
    - 2019 crossword outfit-girls 250k

    I need the outfits bolded can you make me an offer :)? or a couple
  • @Munchykin would you trade your life preserver hat for a sleepy hollow gamer hat and a laser tag gamer hat?

    waterfallglow signature

    my signature was drawn by waterfallglow (me)! I did this completely myself using Paint program. :) ^_^

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